Bath and Body Works February Freebies :)

No, I didn't break my ban and haul :P This past Thursday I headed to my local Bath & Body Works hoping I would be able to use my Membership Card (I talked more about it HERE) to redeem my freebies for the month of February. The freebies for this month were travel sizes of their body spray, body lotion, and shower gel. You can always choose your own scents as far as the last two gifts have shown. I really enjoy my Moonlight Path Body Spray but the bottle is so big that it will take me years to use it all up. I decided to try a new scent that reminded me of spring and warmer weather, Vanilla Apricot. I am not a huge fan of Bath & Body Works lotions or shower gels in general since they are made from pretty much the same ingredients as drugstore products but marked at much higher prices. But since the products were free, I picked up a shower gel in their new fragrance called Carried Away. I also got a Moonlight Path body lotion just because I like the fragrance :)

I realize I should probably not wait until the last week to claim my gift so I can report to you guys on what the month's freebies are. I'll be heading back to get my March freebies on the first week so those of you with the cards will know what to expect!

My receipt! Don't you wish all your receipts looked like that? On a side note, New York City sales tax is ridiculous :( Hope all of you that had a chance to register for these awesome deals got your February gifts :D


  1. I was also considering to buy the Vanilla Apricot Mist :) There are lots of good reviews on it!

  2. Lucky! I missed out on the card (had no idea about it until you mentioned it). In fact I haven't bought anything from B&BW for a long time! I still have a ton of lotions from them that'll last me forever..:P What does the new scent smell like?

  3. MissPukku: Oh, I didn't know there were good reviews on it but the name sounded pretty interesting :)

    mandy: They might bring the card back in the future so stay alert :D Carried Away smells sweet like fruit or candy. I want to say it smells like blueberry candy (the artificial smell). It's pretty nice and I'll probably take it with me on a summer vacation ^^


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