The Body Shop No-Nos

I'm all about beautiful, polished skin but The Body Shop's facial buffer ($6) and facial brush ($3) are not the answer. I was gifted these two products along with the Seaweed Skincare Starter Set from my mother's friend and I was excited to try these out as exfoliating is key to achieving luminous, healthy skin.

Both of these accessories are supposed to be used with your normal facial cleanser to slough away dead skin and impurities, leaving gorgeous skin. However, I could not tell if these claims were even true because I could not bear to use these on my skin. They were just too harsh!

The buffer is extremely scratchy even when wet thoroughly. I squeezed a bit of cleanser into the mesh material and lathered it well into my hand to create a nice foam. It pretty much works like a loofah and creates some pretty great suds to get into your pores. However, as soon as I gently applied the buffer onto my face, I could feel the irritation it caused me. Even brushing the sponge over my arms was quite harsh so I binned it due to my frustrating experience. My friend was also given the buffer by the same auntie and she also mentioned to me how it was very harsh on her skin. Surprisingly, this got a 5.0 out of 5.0 review on Makeup Alley and when I googled the product, I saw many rave reviews.... Shocking.

As for the brush, it is more gentle than the buffer and it also comes with a cute little cap (not pictured). Although this is also way too harsh for my face, I keep this in the shower if I feel like exfoliating dry parts of my body. This can also be quite harsh on my arms and stomach area but it works well on elbows and knees. This is not worth purchasing in my opinion and I would rather purchase a body scrub with moisturizing properties.

I do like some products from The Body Shop but these two are definite misses in my book. For some reason these products seem to work very well for others. If you are curious you should go to the store and feel these products for yourself to see if you can use them.


  1. I can't believe the brush if softer than the buffer. It must be really rough then :( Yikes! At least you found some uses for it :)

  2. Those facial buffers never seemed too gentle/good anyways..To think things that like for the face would be softer!

    I've actually tried the brush though. The bristles were way too stiff and harsh. The only way I found it to work for my skin was to lightly..not even..barely touch my face and "scrub"/swirl. I remember I made the mistake of pressing a little harder the first time I used it and my face felt so raw >__<;; If only I thought to use it for my body then..*sigh*

  3. I couldn't agree any more. The facial brush is HORRIBLE. I can't recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't even recommend it for the body since it's so small and a loofah would work just as well!

  4. I touched this brush while I was in the store and thought.. no way that is going on my face.

  5. Rainy Days: The brush is semi-soft but still too rough for the face :/ The buffer is just HARD!

    mandy: I'm more of a fan of exfoliators in cleanser form or in a product. I don't like the extra step of using some kind of tool to scrub my face.

    Ashley: Yep, I don't use loofahs though :) I prefer to use actual scrubs like Lush's Sugar Babe!

    Justine: MHM! It was a gift but I would not purchase that with my own money if I knew how harsh it was!


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