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Lately I've been extremely dull with makeup routine partly due to my Project 10 Pan, partly because I have trouble finding inspiration, and partly due to the lack of time I have to get ready. So the eye look I've been sporting lately consists of a neutral, easy brown eyeshadow look. The look is very similar to the first tutorial I did HERE but I used a different inner corner shade. 

Here is a closer look at my eye which is still quite natural yet defined. This is definitely my go-to eye makeup when I don't know what else to reach for or when I only have a few minutes to get ready. 

My makeup collection is spread out in two different sections of my room and it fills several drawers. In the morning I just do not have the time and energy to run around and open several drawers just to do my makeup. To make my lief easier, I arrange most of the products I will use the next day on top of my mini storage drawer which is situated in front of mirror where I stand to do my makeup. The night before I set out what I want to use for the next morning so the products are changed quite often and I have an idea of the look I want to do already. My foundation and base makeup of choice is also picked out beforehand and it sits on my vanity area right beside this layout (because there is no more room for it amongst all the shadows and whatnot). I like to keep everything I need within arms reach when I get ready and I want to open as few drawers as possible so things from brushes to Q-tips to rags I use to wipe down my hands and brushes are placed around this little makeup corner :) 

Do you guys have a daily set up area or do you have a traditional vanity desk? I have a desk but it's cluttered with papers and school related things which is weird since I rarely do homework there anyway. I actually don't mind standing to apply my makeup as it gives me more mobility to grab things and whatnot :)


  1. I have a tinier storage 3-drawer thingy for my everyday stuff! It sits next to my bigger drawer with all my other makeup. I actually really like your go-to eye. It's very clean and natural! :)

  2. I love your simple eye looks! Definitely the first things I'll turn to when I decide to start wearing eye makeup :P
    I normally just do my makeup standing up by the door (which has a mirror). My rolly cart with all my MU that I normally use is there. But I'm going to try to get a vanity table when I move. Especially since I'll actually have window (Yay!) and natural lighting..xD

  3. Love neutral brown colors :) So simple and every day-appropriate!! I have a daily setup area--can't afford a proper vanity, and my room is too small haha :(

  4. I do that too! I have everything in one drawer but sometimes having to choose early in the morning is hard! So I have the basics out - blush/bronzer/powder and then, right now just my ELF Butternut. Thing is, I find that I hit pan faster this way because I remember to use the products!

  5. Lovely blog with great photo's of great eye shadows (in previous posts).
    And I do the same thing! Lol!

    Hope we can follow one another. :)


  6. Maggie: I find it really annoying to open and close the drawers while I'm getting ready since it takes more time and my fingers might be dirty. But to each their own :) My everyday makeup is usually really simple because it leaves room for less mistakes.

    mandy: Hope you get your vanity soon ^^ I think I like standing up better but I love how vanities look. The set up looks a lot nicer and pleasant on a table with a lamp, mirror, etc. :P

    steph: Yup, I like organizing my makeup and beauty products but I try not to spend too much on the set up :/

    ndoodles: Exactly right with the hitting pan idea :) I lay out what I want to use more of so my first reaction will be to use whatever I put out. But I do rotate products quite often so I don't hit pan fast at all.

    globetrotter: Thanks :)

  7. You are so organized. All my makeup are usually within reach so I dont have to do that but anyways. I don't find the time to put much makeup on since I'm always late for work, lol.


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