Finally, A Lipgloss I Love

As you can probably tell from my lipstick collection post I did recently, I am not a huge fan of lip products in general and I usually do not spend much of my makeup budget on them. Well, thanks to Too Faced Glamour Gloss, my perception of lipglosses and lip colors has changed.

The shade I have is Pillow Talk and I received it in the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette. It is a nude pink with fine shimmers in it which is perfect for a nude lip lover like myself. It is quite a basic color but the opacity, texture, and feel of this gloss is what makes it my favorite gloss in my collection (so far!).

I also like that it comes with a brush applicator as opposed to a typical doe-foot applicator because it smooths out the color really well on my lips. The brush came frayed when I first opened it but after a few uses it has reformed its shape a bit. The tip dispenses just the right amount for one application and a little gloss goes a long way.

The color is milky and opaque with just a few swipes, making the lips appear lush and plump. You can see how this looks on my lips HERE. The gloss is infused with Lip Injection which is supposed to volumize the lips. I'm not sure how much volume it really adds but the sensation it gives my lips is AMAZING. Aside from the color, the cool refreshing feeling this imparts on the lips is my favorite aspect about this gloss. About five seconds after application, your lips will feel extremely cool and wet but comfortable at the same time. This feeling actually lasts for quite a while, possibly half an hour or more, which I happen to like. This gloss hangs onto the lips for a few hours and does not become sticky or tacky. It also leaves my lips without a trace of dryness or irritation which I am very thankful for.

Also, it gets points for the cute design! Amongst my tiny lipgloss collection, this is my favorite product thus far. This product (and Revlon's Lilac Pastelle) has reminded me how nice quality lip products can be and it has given me more hope in finding more lipsticks and glosses that I will love. I want to branch out and try more higher end glosses because in my experience, they have fared better on my lips.

Too Faced Glamour Gloss retails for $19 and you can purchase it at Sephora or It is a bit pricey for not a whole lot of product but it is a higher-end product. According to Temptalia's calculations, the price per ounce of this gloss is actually higher than glosses from Mac, Benefit, Chanel, Guerlain, and YSL though. There are twelve shades to choose from and I have my eyes on Barely Legal, First Time, Plush, and a few others (but the price is stopping me). Too Faced likes to include these glosses in some of their gift sets so be sure to check those out! Barely Legal is featured in their Look of Love Set which is $45 and comes with a bunch of other goodies which makes it a much better deal. I highly recommend these glosses and I'm surprised I have not heard many reviews on these before :)


  1. I really like this shade!! :) That is a really pretty nude! :) And $19 is a little steep, I agree!! I think you'd like Mac's "Virgin" lip glass b/c it is also really moisturizing as well. And Dior glosses in general are non irritating for me :)

  2. What a lovely shade! I'm not a huge lip products person either. I barely even wear lip balm throughout the day unless I remember to in the mornings =X The extra detail on the top is cute though! Great for the packaging lovers ^__^ I think I'll keep this on my wishlist lol

  3. woww~ i have been really interested in nude lipglosses recently. this looks soo interesting! hahaha im definitely going to check it out at sephora!

  4. Rainy Days: Thankyou for the reccomendations :D I was planning to get a Dior gloss (or two) in the near future because I've heard many great things about them and the packaging is so gorgeous!

    mandy: I started wearing lipbalm quite religiously a year or two ago because it helps calm my lips. Tell me what you think of this gloss if you ever pick it up :D

    Popcorn: This isn't a super nude gloss but more of a my lips but better nude :) Tell me what you think if you test it out!


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