My Valentines Day FOTD :)

My boyfriend and I celebrated Valentines Day on Saturday because he has to go back to school today :) Well, it wasn't much of a celebration because we visited our normal hangout spots but it was in the spirit of the holiday. I don't consider Valentines Day an important day at all since it just involves lots of marketing schemes by card, chocolate, and teddy bear manufacturers

I haven't worn lashes in forever and a day so I thought I'd pop some on to give my eyes a more flirty and romantic look. I'm usually a bit rusty with applying lashes but this time I had no problem and I really can't wait for my no buy to be over so I can stock up on more pairs ^^ I'm out of my criss cross lashes >.<

I am wearing Shisem lashes that are just straight with varying lengths and widths, nothing special but they blended really well with my real lashes! I did a golden pink eye using my beloved Clinique Strawberry Fudge Duo (swatched HERE) and added used a few shades from my Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette to complete the look (swatched HERE). I added George & Weezie to the inner corners of my tearducts and inner half of my lower lashline, Exclusive Plum to the outer V, Velvet Revolver throughout my crease, and In The Buff as my highlight. 

I also used the La Vie En Rose Blush and Snowbunny Bronzer from the Too Faced Palette for the first time on my face and I really like the color :) I am also wearing the Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk from the set and I LOVE IT ^^ I put this in my back up stash when I first bought the palette because I had other lipglosses I wanted to use up first. Well, I haven't finished any other lipglosses but I broke down and finally used Pillow Talk for the first time this week. That is the only lip color I am wearing and the opacity and glossiness is just amazing. I will do a more in-depth review on this in a later post.

Like I said before, Valentines Day isn't a huge deal to me or my boyfriend so we tend to get creative and make presents for each other and try to spend as little as possible :) Last year I wrote him a card, baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, bought a Cyanide and Happiness book, and made us matching cell phone charms out of clay. I drew a red heart and each others' initials on the back of of the cookies.

This year I told him not to spend money so he drew me a comic using the tablet I got him for Christmas. I made a video and had to get this cute stuffed bear from my school's bookstore. Most of the time, the best gifts are those you put effort and creativity into making rather than expensive ones that anyone can buy. :) Hope everyone had a nice day, whether you like Valentines Day or not.


  1. That really is the best gift :) You two are so creative! Really!!

  2. That's so cute - I love the cell phone charms :)!!

  3. Love the fotd. The cell phone charms are so cute.
    I tried making those cell phone charms on deviantart with clay before but it turned out really weird lol.

  4. oh i see dennis finally using his tablet :D inspiration haha !

  5. The falsies look very natural on you. That's very sweet that instead of spending a lot of money on a pricy gift, you guys are making each other gifts. That adds a more personal touch.


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