Project Pan Round 1 - Update #4

Unfortunately I have not been able to finish many items this month but I haven't bought any new items either :D Well, I did buy a large bottle of Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion but that was pretty much a necessity because my skin was extremely dry and itchy last week and I had a $1 coupon. I bought the large bottle for only $4 so I do not see that as a major (or even minor) violation of my Project 15 Pan :) I might do a review on that lotion since it's the first time I'm trying it out and I do like it so far. But overall, I have been extremely good at not spending money this whole month on anything unnecessary.

Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Shower Gel -- Counts as 1/2
I liked this scent but I will not repurchase this product because the ingredients are pretty much what you'll find at the drugstore but with marked up prices. I'm trying to find more ingredient-friendly products to use (i.e. little/no sulphates, parabens, etc.) I have two more bottles of these shower gels that I purchased last year to use up as well :(

Lush Items From First Haul (HERE) -- Counts as 2
3 Massage Bars (Strawberry Feels Forever, Once a Year, Soft Coeur) and Sugar Babe Scrub
I used up all the goodies I bought during my first trip to Lush a month ago with the exception of an extra Once a Year which I gave to my mom. I reviewed the products separately so you can backtrack and read my opinions on each of the products. Sugar Babe was definitely my favorite product out of everything and I will definitely buy more Lush scrubs in the future. The massage bars were good for moisturizing but I will probably buy different scents next time since none of these were must haves for me. As for lotions I still have The Body Shop's Lemon Body Butter, the Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion, and one last tube of Bath & Body Works' Cucumber Melon. I cannot purchase from Lush until I finish my Project 15 Pan.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner (mini) -- Counts as 1/2 
I've had this liner for more than a year and although it already started off as a small liner, it has stuck it out in my collection for very long. Originally I was going to count the eyeliner as one whole product since it lasted a very very long time but  because I have broken ban a few times, I'll count it as only half a product. I do like this eyeliner and have two slightly bigger but not full size ones from the Book of Shadows (II and III). This does not last the whole day (12 hours+) on my eyelids without smudging unless I set it with black shadow but I do not mind that step since I like to go over my pencil liner with an angled liner brush anyway. I highly recommend Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners! They last so long and have a perfect consistency, not too soft yet super smooth. I still have a ton of black eyeliner to go so I will not need to buy any for awhile. I also tried a new (to me) drugstore eyeliner which I'm really loving so I'll need to do a post on that!

All in all, I have completely finished three products this month, making my total count 10 products out of the way! 

I have a few products which are almost at the end of their lifespans so hopefully by next month or the month after, I'll have more to add to my list :D My huge bottle of Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 2 is almost done and I got the one for dry combination skin last winter despite having oily skin for most of the year. I really want to use this up before the weather gets too hot because I can only use it for the colder months. This worked somewhat as an exfoliator, as it claims to be, I will not repurchase this because it is the wrong formula for my skin. Also it has a high alcohol content which can irritate the skin. I do not think products with high alcohol content are beneficial to skin, especially problematic, acne-prone skin like mine. This gigantic bottle will count as a whole product.

The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion has about a third of product left which will last me a few more months. I have been using this nightly as my night lotion and sometimes in the day if my face is particularly dry. It is nice for dry skin but again, I do not see this working for my oily skin in the spring and summer so I will not be repurchasing. I want to try out other brands and products instead of repurchasing products that only worked okay on my skin. When this is all gone it will also count as a whole product :)

I already have a list of skincare items I want to try out from a number of brands so in a few months I will have a lot of skincare hauls and reviews to show you guys :D I have two travel sets of The Body Shop's Seaweed Line to be used. One set will replace my Clinique products when I finish them or when my skin is oilier. I have been testing out some of those products already but I want to use them consistently before I review them. If those products work out, I will be saving the other set for the summer when I go on vacation. I may break my ban next week to pick up some masks and miscellaneous Asian skincare items but I have been very good lately and my skin needs some loving :) The whole point of this project was to use up some makeup but I mostly finished skincare and bodycare items :/

I WILL BE DOING A GIVEAWAY when my Project 15 Pan is over :) It will be a very small giveaway to thank my subscribers so watch out for that!


  1. So much progress! Makeup products never looked easy to finish..I'm not even close to finishing any right now. So after all that how many products do you have left before reaching 15?

  2. Yep, makeup is difficult to finish especially because I don't wear it everyday and I tend to switch up my products. I said in the post I finished 10 so far :) So five more to go! I'll go back and make that sentence a different color so it's more apparent ^^

  3. I'm actually running out of my skin care stuff - my cleanser, morning & night moisturizers and my mascara and eyeliners! So I'm getting there as well! Good job w/ hit panning your products! Stay strong! You are almost there :)

  4. I wish I had your willpower! Every time I go out I always get weak and end up buying something new. Good luck!

  5. u hav grt willpower :D

    im tryin to do a project all pan lol

    wats with us girls n buying stuff hey? ;)

  6. Fab progress! Got to admire the will power lol x

  7. ndoodles: Yep, almost there! But I'm planning to pick up some stuff over the next few weeks which means BREAKING BAN AGAIN >.< I have my reasons though which I will explain if/when I haul.

    Lychee: I'm surprised at my willpower as well! I haven't bought actual makeup since the beginning of January :D You can do it too!

    Lara: Haha, who knows :) I mean not all girls have this tendency of course but I'm just one that does :/ Goodluck with your Project Pan :)

    Claire: Thankyou ^^


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