Tiny Pink Lipstick Collection

Although I consider myself quit an addict when purchasing makeup, it may suprise you that I only have four lipsticks in my whole collection. That's right, FOUR! This post will feature three out of the four which are my pink lipsticks (the fourth is Soft Nude by Revlon). From left to right are Maybelline's Pink Please, Revlon's Twinkled Pink, and Revlon's Pink Pout. Pink 

Pout has been in my collection for over a year because it got very high reviews by many bloggers and Youtubers. However, it is matte which tends to be a bit drying on my lips so I definitely need to top this off with a gloss. It has a purple, cool undertone which I think looks nicer on fairer skintones.

I purchased Twinkled Pink about a year ago and it is a coral leaning pink. It's showing up as a full blown orange in the picture for some reason. It shows up as a light frosty pink with a strong yellow, orange undertone on my lips. I would like this lipstick more if it was not a Pearl finish which means it has shimmer and frost throughout the tube. Topping this with a gloss helps tone down the frost which makes it more wearable for me. It does not feel gritty though and is actually quite comfortable on the lips so if you like frosty lip colors I would recommend this.

Maybelline's Pink Please is my most recent lipstick that has been added to my collection (though my lip collection rarely grows) and it is a cream midtone pink. I talked about this before a few months ago in a favorites and haul post. I picked this up after I heard all the raves about this particular shade from the Maybelline Color Sensational Line. It is a nice color and it applies well. I like the cream finish and I can definitely see why so many people like this pink. It looks a bit darker in the tube than it applies so be wary of that. This is great for girls going for a creamy baby pink lip. This complaint does not have to do anything with this shade but the whole Color Sensational line is not wrapped in safety seal so the lipsticks are always opened and tested which makes it really difficult to find a clean, unused lippie to purchase. I've come across many nice colors that were used and abused which deterred me from purchasing.

These are the swatches on my hand in bad lighting :( I tried to edit the colors to make them appear more true to color. You can see how matte Pink Pout is as well as the frost in Twinkled Pink. Pink Please actually looks more glossy but the light did not hit on it at this angle.

Hope this post was helpful to somebody out there :) My lipstick collection is extremely small and I hope to expand it soon. To be honest, I rarely wear lipstick so I guess that explains why my collection is so tiny. I also tend to gravitate towards lighter pinks, corals, and nudes. I've been pretty into lipgloss lately though and I hope to expand that collection as well ^^


  1. Those are some pretty shades :) I have Pink Please and it's really nice to wear. I agree with u that matte lipsticks tend to feel really dry, and I am not crazy abt frosty lip colors.

  2. Pink please and Pink Pout are very pretty! Too bad I don't wear many lip products except for lipbalm :P Eh I don't particularly like too much shimmer/frost on my lips either..
    One of the many reasons why I'm always hesitant to buy makeup at drugstores..no shrink wrapping or packaging >__< Even when there is some people take it apart anyways..

  3. I have Twinkled Pink and Pink Please. Twinkled Pink accentuates every single imperfection on my lips :< and Pink Please dries out my lips really badly.

  4. Pink isn't exactly my favorite lippies but I'm surprised you don't own more! Ha ha :)

  5. Love the swatches--I'm not the biggest fan of pink lipstick, but Maybelline's pink please is definitely one of my favourites right now :D

  6. Rainy Days: I guess we have similar taste in lipsticks :)
    mandy: Yup, I usually only wear lipbalm too :) But I've recently found some glosses I really love so I've been wearing lipgloss a bit more recently.
    Yuki: I apply generous amounts of Softlips prior to applying Twinkled Pink which makes it less flaky and dry. I haven't worn Pink Please many times so I forgot if it dried out my lips :(
    ndoodles: I'm surprised by the small collection of lippies as well. But I'm pretty sure that will change soon :/
    Steph: I believe it's a favorite for many people also ^^

  7. sometimes i wish i only had 4 lipsticks in my collection lol! i dont hav tht many but i keep thinking... man... when am i gona use these up hmmm??


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