Tutorial: Earthy Smokey Eyes

For the past few weeks I've been posting about every other day but now that the spring semester has begun, my posting will be less frequent. I will still be trying to post at least twice a week but no guarantees :( This is a pre-written post by the way. I pre-wrote one other tutorial which I will be posting in the upcoming week or so. After that I'm not sure when the next tutorial will be since these kind of posts take the most time to make. Anyways, onto the tutorial!

I usually wear very simple and safe colors so I decided to do something different for a change! I whipped out a few interesting eyeshadows from my collection to see what I could do with them and I hope you guys enjoy this look~

These are the shadows I am using for your reference. I swatched all of these shadows over E.L.F's Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and you can use any colors from your collection that look similar. The first shade is a shimmery champagne and the one I used is the highlight shade from Maybelline's Eyestudio quad in Copper Chic (reviewed and swatched HERE). The next two green colors are from Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips for Smokey Green Eyes (reviewed and swatched HERE). The duochrome green brown and the matte brown are from Too Faced's Enchanted Glamourland Palette (reviewed and swatched HERE). The duochrome green brown is a dupe for Mac's Club or a shade in Wet n' Wild's Snow Sprite palette from the 2010 Holiday Collection. There is an upcoming permanent 8 pan palette from Wet n' Wild which also contains this shade. Now onto the tutorial!

As usual conceal dark circles and apply an eyeshadow primer to help your shadows last all day and night. I used E.L.F's Mineral Primer.

I applied Nyx's Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base for my powder shadows to stick to so I get more intense color. You only need a bit of a black or brown cream base for this step so be sure not to apply too much or your shadows will crease!

Using your finger, blend the cream up and outward toward the browbone. As you can see the black is not as apparent once it is blended out but you only want a sticky base.

Load a light moss green onto a flat shader brush. This shade is the second shade from the left swatched above in the reference picture.

Apply this shade to the inner half of your eyelid and into the inner corner as well using a patting motion to pack on the most pigment.

Using the same shader brush, take the darker moss brown which you will be adding to the rest of the lid.

Keep the color at the lid and try not to apply too much color into the crease area. Blend the middle of the lid where the two moss shades meet with the shader brush to create a seamless transition.

On a fluffy blending brush, take the matte midtone brown and blend out any harsh edges in the crease.

Place the duochrome green brown on the outer third of the lid with a small crease brush.

Blend once again with the fluffy blending brush to unify the greens together. Also line your lower lashline with the duochrome green. Go over the middle of the lower lashline with the darker moss green.

Apply the shimmery champagne as an inner corner highlight and highlight the browbone with a matte cream shadow. Apply liner, mascara, and lashes to complete the look.

This look appears a bit darker and smokier in real life but you can definitely see how the brown is quite prominent in the outer corner of the eye. Depending on the lighting and angle your eyeshadows will transform into different shades :) Hope this tutorial was helpful!


  1. I really like this look =) L'Oreal's Intrepid pigment is also a dupe for MAC's Club.

    Also, the links in the third paragraph don't work.

  2. Great look! Love how you combined green and brown :) Tagged you for an award and a mini tag! xx

  3. What a gorgeous look! Your tutorials are great, very detailed. I love the falsies on you btw! :)

  4. wow soo pretty! You did an amazing job <3

  5. this is so pretty!

    Also, I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!
    here: www.clarissa-nicole.blogspot.com

  6. Yuki: Yes Intrepid is also a dupe :) Thanks for telling me about the links! I totally forgot to insert the links >.<

    Steph: Thankyou so much! I'll respond to those soon, hopefully ^^

    Maggie: Thanks! Haha these falsies are super dramatic so I'm not sure if I'd wear them outside of the house :) I do like how they look in pictures though!

    Pang: Thankyou :D

    Clarissa: Thanks, that's so sweet of you :)


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