Baby Pink Cheeks - Latest Blush Aquisition!

A week or two ago, Rite Aid had their entire line of Jane cosmetics for 75% off since they are phasing out the brand and bringing in Rimmel. I own another Jane blush in Blushing Earth Sheer (swatched HERE) and the quality is nice enough for me to purchase another one, especially since this was on sale for less than $2!

The display was quite bare and this was the last blush that looked appealing to me. Some had cracked and there was another shade called Blushing Baby Doll that looked too orange and muddy to work on my skin tone. So I picked up Blushing Orchid Shimmer which is a light, shimmery, cool toned pink blush.

The pigmentation is decent and pretty much on par with the other Jane blush I have tried before. They offer shimmer and matte blushes and I have only tried the shimmer ones. When they say shimmer, they mean shimmer. I would definitely suggest using a light hand when applying this and these blushes will probably suit lighter skin more than darker skin tones. I sometimes use these blushes as highlighters or I sweep a thin layer over a matter blush. I can definitely see myself using this particular shade often this spring season!

For the price, I think these are decent blushes and I'm somewhat sad to see them go. I do really enjoy Rimmel blushes though so I'm not too upset about the brand replacement :)


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