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      One of my closest friends (who I've mentioned before in a few posts before) did some damage at The Body Shop a few weeks ago. I thought it might be helpful if she reviewed some of the products in case any of you out there were looking for more The Body Shop reviews :) My friend, we'll just call her M, took all of the pictures and wrote the reviews while I edited the pictures. For reference, M's skin is combination dry with a slightly oily T-zone.

Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
This hair butter is great for dry and damaged hair. Since I permed my hair and dyed my hair in the past few months, my hair quality has been getting worst. After I saw that Bubzbeauty recommended this hair butter, I decided to give it a try! Before I tried this product, I tried MANY other ways to treat my damaged hair ><; I tried putting mayonnaise and eggyolk in my hair (from watching youtube videos) but those methods didn’t help on the long run. However, after using this hair butter twice a week for two weeks straight, I noticed the ends of my hair weren’t as dry anymore. I wouldn’t say I love the smell of this hair butter but I like it because it does leave your hair with a fresh, “nature” smell! I would give this a rating of 8.5/10.

This body butter is good for all skin types. The tea-rose scent that it gives off is quite pleasant and not too strong for a flowery smell. I love applying the body butter on because the smell stays unlike other products I’ve tried. The body butter can get a little bit sticky after applying but it eventually goes away. After rinsing my body with water a day after I applied it, it gave my skin a soft and moist feeling. The only thing I don’t about it is how much I need to use in order to cover my entire body. The dent in the body butter from the picture was only the amount I used to apply on both of my legs. Can you just imagine how much more I need to use to cover my whole body? I think I’d be done with everything maybe after using it for about ten times. Therefore, I would give this a 7.5/10.
On the website, it says that this scrub is best for normal to dry skin. Since my skin gets extremely dry during the cold season, I decided to give this scrub a try. Another reason I chose this is for the smell. I LOVE THE SMELL OF LEMONS! When I opened the scrub, the smell caught my attention right away. This scrub has a very fruity fresh, sweet smell of lemon. Every time I use the scrub, I always want to try the taste of the scrub because of the scent, but I didn’t do that! After applying the scrub, it left my skin feeling moist. However, the skin of my arm turned really red afterwards. I’m not sure why my arms were the only area that turned red but I’ll be sure not to apply the scrub there next time! This scrub exfoliates pretty well but after a few hours, my skin would feel dry again. Sometimes, I even feel like the scrub makes my skin feel a bit sticky after a few hours. I would give this a 6.5/10.
This was one of the best moisturizer I have tried so far! This moisturizer is recommended for those who have dry skin on their face. My forehead gets oily often but the other parts of my face are pretty dry. This moisturizer hydrates the dry parts of my face pretty well and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy at all. This product has a SPF of 30 so it would be great when the weather gets nicer! It also has a citrusy smell that gives me an awakening feeling. I’m really glad I purchased it even though it’s a bit expensive at $20 for 1.69 fl oz. I would give this a 9.5/10.

I’ve never tried a cleansing scrub mask before. I’m pretty satisfied with how my face felt after I used this product. Not only does it exfoliate my face, it also helped keep my face from getting that greasy feeling for a few days. After using this product twice, I noticed that the forehead of my face wasn’t getting oily as often as it used to be. This scrub mask also tightens my skin! My cheek area felt so soft and pinchable afterwards. After washing off the mask, my face felt refreshed, cleaner, and more hydrated. The scent is hard to explain but I really enjoyed the smell. I would give this a 8.5/10.

I love purchasing new products and don’t mind how much it costs. However, I would only definitely repurchase 3 out of the 5 products in the future (1,4,5).  If you guys tried these products before, tell me how it worked out for you! I read AngelicBetrayal’s blog everyday so I’ll be able to see it.


  1. Thanks for the review.
    I was thinking of trying more of their products.
    Anyways, the sweet lemon scrub SUCKS it is so bad and not worth the money at all!!

  2. oh ho ho ho, I know who that is! i usually use drug store products which my parents buy but this was great to know :)
    is that M's finger pointing at the products ?

  3. Yomi Uba: Aw, too bad the scrub didn't work for you :/ That's the thing with beauty products I guess. It works well for some and not for others. I have tried The Body Shop's Olive Body Scrub years ago and it was a bit too scratchy for my liking.

    Serinny: Yes, that is M's finger ;) They're her products and she took the pictures!


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