I Can Explain! My Inglot 10-Pan Palette Experience

I hauled. But I have a perfectly valid explanation and I don't regret my purchase one bit! :) I got an Inglot Palette!

I found out about Inglot a few months ago when I passed by it in Times Square (the variety and availability of brands in New York City never ceases to amaze me). I researched it via Google and Youtube and it turns out that this Polish brand makes awesome eyeshadows. Inglot isn't a household brand but it is gaining popularity and they're opening up more stores in the U.S as I write this post. I knew I was going to get the 10 pan palette eventually but I wasn't sure when. A few weeks ago gossmakeupartist informed his viewers that Inglot was raising their prices at obscene rates. The 10 pan palette now retails for $50 but starting in May it will go for $80! Another blog I've read said that 10 pan palettes will be discounted 10% from the new price so they will be $72 :/ It is still a ridiculous price hike although it is still a great deal.

Each square pan is 2.7 grams, almost double the size of a Mac single shadow, and only costs $5 if you purchase the 10 pan. There are a variety of palettes available and you choose the colors you want at the store (I hear they will launch an online shop soon). It was a fun experience swatching and choosing the colors I wanted although four shades I chose originally were out of stock :(

(left to right: AMC Shine 08, Pearl 402, Double Sparkle, 465, AMC Shine 49)

I chose mostly warm neutral shades that I would wear often like browns and a few golds, greens, and purple shades as well. The gorgeous purple taupes I wanted were out of stock :( The shadows come in a variety of finishes like Pearl, AMC, AMC Shine, Matte and a few others. All of the shadows I swatched in the store were smooth and well pigmented.

(left to right: AMC Shine 43, AMC Shine 37, Pearl 421, Pearl 419)
It is a bit annoying that it's pretty much impossible to decipher the shades since the pans are so tightly held by the magnetized palette. There are no grooves to help you get the shadow out either. The shades are coded by numbers so I have no idea what I got :( Also, I am pretty scared of the magnetized lid for the palette because it takes a bit of force to pull off, maximizing the risk of me digging a finger nail into the lovely shades :/

(left to right: Pearl 452, Pearl 446)

The lady who helped me was friendly and nice but I was slightly dismayed that she put the shadows in random order. I specifically organized the palette on the magnetic slate that you put the testers on so that the colors would somewhat go together. What is the green doing next to the purple?! But it's not a big deal.

Nonetheless, I'm happy with the shadows I got even though I broke ban. $50 may seem like a hefty price but it really is reasonable considering the amazing quantity and quality of the shadows. The packaging is prone to disaster but it is sleek and heavy duty. It feels high end and not flimsy like most drugstore palettes.

Look at how the shadow pans dwarf the pans in the Urban Decay palette! The length of the Inglot palette is about the same size as the Urban Decay Book of Shadows but the shadows are way bigger.

I actually might go back to the store sometime in April to get a smaller palette with circular pans because I really want to get my hands on those beautiful taupe shades I missed out on! There were so many colors that it was quite difficult to choose which I wanted in my palette. The circular pans are significantly smaller, weighing in at 1.7 grams, but are still bigger than Mac shadows and cost a bit less than the square pans. I plan on getting the 5 circular pan palette which is only $25 :)

Have you guys tried Inglot? Planning to? Tell me in the comments section!

On a side note, this month's gift from Bath & Body Works if you have their membership card is two small candles. I'm not really a candle person but since they were free I chose Pink Sangria and Island Nectar.

They're quite small and retail for $3.50 but they smell quite nice so it's a nice freebie to try.


  1. I'd love to try Inglot if it were available here. Who could resist those huge pans?? They look monstrous in comparison to the UD palette!

  2. The palette looks lovely! Do they have customizable palettes for other products besides eyeshadows as well? I've passed by the Inglot store a few times when I was by Midtown but never went in. I'd break my no-buy for such a good deal too! It's always sad when companies raise prices =\

  3. Ahh! You have to know that you are the very few bloggers/vloggers that I am SOOO influenced by, so now- I REALLY want an Inglot palette. Too bad there aren't any in CO :( The closest one is in Las Vegas.

    PS. I read your message on Soompi about The Face Shop (I know, I read it now), but my sister and I share the same username so she just logs on and uses mine, reads the messages and never lets me know <_< all while I'm up in the mountains for school w/ limited internet access. But yeah, she found an alternative for her face, but thanks anyways!

  4. Ashley: They're expanding so you might be able to get your hands on their products soon :D

    mandy: Yes, they have other palette options in which you can include lip colors and blushes! Mona has scans of the options at her blog: http://www.makemeblushhh.com/2011/02/inglot-cosmetics-intro-review-pictures.html

    I'm about 75% sure I want to go back before May to grab another palette X_X I think I'll need to bring my first palette just to make sure I don't repeat colors.

    Pandrikuma: Aw, that's so sweet of you :) I'm really happy that my blog can be of some use to you! If you ever go on vacation to anywhere with an Inglot store be sure to check them out. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get some online very soon! Haha, I tend to never check my messages either so it's ok. I'm glad your sister found something else that works for her :D

  5. I wish I could get a hold of Inglot! I'd be pretty annoyed the order of my eyeshadows got messed up too.

  6. I;ve been lemming after inglot e/shadows for a while since i heard bout them!

    too bad i dont live near a store
    would love to try

    those chandles are cute! free? lucky!

  7. OMG you are so lucky and I am jealous! I want to try Inglot so bad. They need to have an online store. You picked up some beautiful colors.

  8. Yuki: Soon! :)

    lara: Mmhm, the candles are free if you signed up for their membership card but it's not available at the moment. It might come back in the future so I'll let you guys know if it does :)

    Pang: Haha, one of the perks of living in the city is having access to a ton of brands ^^ A lot of these colors weren't my first choice because quite a few were out of stock :/ But they're still pretty which goes to show how many awesome shades they have! I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of Mac dupes in here! But none of the shadows I swatched (I swatched a lot of them! My hands were so dry from rubbing away the eyeshadow with alcohol) were chalky, too glittery, or unpleasant to work with :)


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