My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask Review

Sheet masks, or paper masks, are essential skincare supplements for many Asian women. One of the more popular brands hails from Taiwan and it is, you guessed it, My Beauty Diary. Although they are not readily available in stores for many people living outside of Asia, you can purchase the masks online from sites like Sasa. Today I'll be reviewing one of their newest masks which is the Bird's Nest mask. I am offering one of these in my giveaway HERE so be sure to enter :)

Most Chinese people consider bird's nest to be a delicacy and they use it as a cooking ingredient in mostly soups. It has many supposed health benefits which includes radiant, healthy skin. Marketing aside, I was actually very pleased with the results of this mask!

For reference, I typically use a sheet mask after I splash my face with water and apply toner. I apply the mask and lie down and remove it when the liquid is more or less absorbed. Then I pat the remaining essence into my skin with clean hands and use the remainder on my neck and hands. I skip moisturizer altogether and go to bed :)

A box contains 10 individually wrapped foil pouches and the packaging is really pretty. The box has a bit of shimmers in the cardboard and I like to reuse these boxes to store my masks, samples, etc. The mask itself is made of a soft, semi-thick fabric that is literally dripping with thick, translucent essence when you take it out of the packet. This is a plus because you're getting more product and due to its semi-thick consistency, it does not drip all over the place!

Out of all the sheet masks I have tried (probably around ten different kinds so far), this one has the least powerful scent. There is a nice scent to this mask but it is really subtle and hardly noticeable. This is a plus for people who are sensitive to fragrance or just prefer no scent at all. Also, out of all the masks I have tried thus far, this mask hardly stung at all! Many sheet masks often sting my face after a few minutes of use and sometimes I just have to throw the mask away after five minutes to stop the irritation. With the Bird's Nest mask, I did not have any discomfort and the first time I used this, I fell asleep with it on! The mask was entirely drenched in essence so I had extra and after a minute of patting it into my skin I just dabbed a tissue over my skin to seep up the extra.

The next morning I woke up with smooth, hydrated skin and my complexion was a bit brighter as well! This mask is supposed to be targeted to dry skin while I have combination oily skin. I like to use this when my skin is feeling a bit tight or dry in some areas. I think this mask is still suitable for those with oily skin though considering the essence is not oily or thick and my skin was not oily after using this product.

I was extremely pleased by the results of this mask because I experienced no irritation and I saw some results. I gave my mom a mask to try and she said she felt a bit of stinging so your experience may differ from mine. Sheet masks are skincare products and of course, everyone's skin is different! Something that works for me may not work for you and something that does not work for me, might work for you.

Not every My Beauty Diary mask is made equal. About a year ago I had purchased a box of the Japanese Cherry Blossom mask and my experience with that one was quite different. It had a very strong, but pleasant fragrance and it stung my face considerably. I cannot quite remember how much essence it had but overall I did not enjoy that one nearly as much. I will probably be repurchasing more of the Bird's Nest masks as well as some of the other versions I have yet to try!

Do any of you use sheet masks? If so, which are your favorites?


  1. I saw these in HKG from my last trip there. I tried to use the Beauty Diary Masks but some of them caused my skin to be really red. Thanks for the great review.

  2. I've never tried these products and I am afraid to. Like you mentioned, your skin may not react well with the product and I would not want to take that sort of chance. Glad to hear this one worked out for you.

  3. I like these too! Sometimes I don't see as much of a differences as they claim to do but I just like using the masks anyway since most of them make my skin feel uber soft :P My bffl got me a whole box for my birthday! I think of all the ones I've tried only a couple ever stung my face. I love MBD's new shape/mask. They fit my face really well!

  4. Kristie: I heard some people had bad reactions to these masks so be careful! I'm really glad I did not experience adverse reactions (yet) but the masks somewhat differ from each type.

    Pang: Aw, I wouldn't say I'm scared to try out new skincare products but I know what you mean. If you have something that works well for you, stick to it :)

    mandy: I actually went to the store you recommended and I totally understand what you mean by the mean lady. I just ignored her attitude, grabbed the box, paid, and left :) I think I'll rebuy these masks and try the Black Pearl and Apple Polyphenol ones next!

  5. I love MBD masks... I have a ton of them. I really want to try the Bird's Nest one now! :)

  6. have you try any of the beauty masks from F21? there are a few good ones like Pearl Skin Mask and Vitalizing Green Tea Pack!

  7. Rainy Days: Yes, you should try it :) I think you'll enjoy it very much!

    Lam Lam: No, I have not tried the F21 masks. I'm not too sure about F21 cosmetics to be honest because most of the products are marked up versions of other cheap cosmetics. I don't mind cheap makeup but I'm not too sure about cheap skincare since my skin isn't the best already :/


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