Packaging Woes and Recycling!

I bought the Revlon Age Defying Face Illuminator (right in picture) last year thinking it would make a nice liquid highlight. The product was nice but I rarely reached for it because the dispenser was a brush tip connected to a squeeze tube. The idea behind the brush was that it would serve as an applicator to be applied directly to your face. This would be unsanitary and messy, streaking the base I already applied as well as contaminating the dispenser. So this highlight was mostly untouched aside from when I squeezed out some product to be used in my homemade tinted moisturizer.

The other day I was rummaging through my stash and I realized that the product would expire next year and I had probably used it on less than ten occasions. I cut a corner off of the tube and began to pour the contents into an empty Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer bottle. I keep the contained of empty products to be reused so in a way I save some plastic and do not need to spend more money buying containers.

Tada! The original packaging contained one fluid ounce and the hand sanitizer bottle also holds one fluid ounce. I have a stash of empty Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac bottles for traveling because they hold a good amount of product and I get through the bottle relatively quickly. I wash them out several times and let them air dry before I pour other contents inside though. I was actually surprised at how little product I used considering I pretty much filled up the whole sanitizer bottle! Now I have a much better way to store a liquid highlight because I can just flip the top open and pour some onto my finger to dot it on my face. Hopefully I will be able to get more use out of this product  now that the packaging isn't an issue! There's so much product that I doubt I will be able to finish it before the expiration date but hopefully I'll use it often in the spring and summer to give my face a natural glow :D

Have you ever been super annoyed by a product's packaging and just had to depot it?! Share your tips and tricks in the comments :)

On a completely unrelated note, I got another sample sheet of Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the mail from Walmart :) I guess I signed up for Target's last time and also Walmart and forgot that I already requested it ^^ Seriously, check out and for samples!!


  1. Nice find :] I tend to keep containers too! But haven't found anything uses for them yet. But mom will probably tell me to throw them away when we move lol
    There's a Walmart near the city?

  2. What a creative way to store the highlight!! :) Now you can take it I agree w/you, I hate it when they come with those attached brushes that can't be removed! Especially if it's liquid!

  3. I also keep a lot of the boxes and packaging that products come in :/ I throw some out after awhile if I really have no use for it and if they packaging isn't special every few months :)

    I wish there was a Walmart near the city :( I meant and haha. I should change that in my post! They send you the samples in the mail :)

  4. Wow, that is a REALLY neat way to re-use the hand sanitizer bottle! :)

  5. No way! I do that too. I thought I was just a hoarder LOL So the Walmart thing works the same? I just did the Target sample bag(?) not too long ago. I didn't even realize they were going to send it until the end :X

  6. Maggie: Yup, you should try it ^^

    mandy: I have a feeling many people who are addicted to shopping like to hoard their packaging :) I requested the Target sample bag last night! Can't wait til it comes :D

  7. I have the age defying spa foundation and hate it because of that stupid brush on it, I should take it apart too, but I am afraid mine has probably gone bad too, it's really old!

  8. I believe there's an expiration date on the packaging Justine! Look at the top of the tube where it's crimped! Usually products with SPF tend to go bad quicker :(


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