Project Pan Round 1 - Update #5 // Weeding the Stash

In the past month I've finished a few products and I tossed out some old products that I never really used and were probably expired. It takes some effort to toss out items from my collection since I tend to hoard and by throwing out stuff I know I'm wasting money. But anyways, let's see what I used up this month and how I feel about these products!

Clinique Clarifying Lotion (toner) 2 -- not pictured
I purchased this last winter as part of the 3 step system for dry to normal skin. I usually have combination to oily skin but in winter I also have dry skin. I only used this toner during the winter or when my skin was extra dry. It has a strong scent and it feels very cooling on the skin. It has a very high alcohol content which is not good for skin in general and especially not good for acne prone skin. Thus, I will not be repurchasing this because I am trying to use skincare with little to no alcohol at all. Some people swear by Clinique's skincare and the products were alright but I don't think I'd repurchase anything that I've tried because the ingredients aren't great and I haven't seen a dramatic change at all.  

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20 (sample) -- not pictured
This was a 15 ml sample jar I received last spring and I used this on and off during the spring and summer. I recently started using this again because I wanted to finish it up. This claims to improve skin tone but I saw no marked improvement in my acne scars or skin texture. This basically feels like any lotion with SPF. It smells like sunscreen (which I dislike) and the lotion is quite thick. It sinks in well and my face is not sticky after it absorbs. It was decent for a daytime moisturizer but I will not repurchase this. The price is $42.50 for 50 ml... which is absurd in my opinion. This is definitely comparable to drugstore moisturizers with SPF.

The Body Shop Lemon Body Butter
I did a full review on this product HERE. I liked this body butter overall. The scent was refreshing and it left my skin supple and smooth. Although it absorbed into my skin without leaving a sticky layer, I could feel the moisture of the lotion into the next day. I like this lotion but I don't know if I will repurchase since Jergens is working well for me and it is considerably less expensive. I'm keeping the nice tub so I have an airtight container to store my future Lush products ^^

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray 
This heat protectant is pretty popular because it's affordable, around $5-6, and it works. It has a sweet scent that is quite strong but it doesn't bother me. I find that my hair feels more manageable when I spray this before applying heat to my hair. This does not make my hair feel heavy or greasy at all. I liked this enough to buy a back up many months ago when Tresseme was having a sale. This bottle lasted me for awhile and I only recently finished this because I'm straightening my hair more often. I have another bottle so I won't need to repurchase anytime soon. After I'm done with the new bottle I might try something new for my hair just so I can compare since this is the only heat protectant I have ever used.

Wet n' Wild Gel Liner
This was one of the products I originally chose to be in my project 10 pan. To be honest I hardly reached for it at all in months and when I opened it the other day, it was dried out. I had this for over a year I believe and it served me well. I used to use it very very often so for the price, about $4, I got what I paid for. This is a highly raved about eyeliner and I do like it overall. It is super black and the line is extremely long lasting. The cap can be a pain to take off sometimes because of the off shape so I wish Wet n' Wild would change that. I also want them to make more colors for their gel liners. I may repurchase this sometime in the future. 

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black -- not pictured
This is one of the first eyeliners I used back when I started experimenting with makeup two years ago. I used up more than half of it and I guess I moved onto other eyeliners and this one got thrown to the side. I still like it because it's easy to use and the pigment is very opaque. I tried to use this more recently and because it's so old, it became a bit brittle and it pretty much broke at the base and I had to toss it. It served me well and I have a back up of this in my collection (along with many more black pencil eyeliners) so no worries :)

The Face Shop Dual Concealer
This was my first concealer which I bought in May 2009. It is double ended with a liquid side and a stick side. I hardly used the stick side since it was quite heavy and it tended to cake up on my face. The liquid side was decent and I used it a fair amount. This was extremely pricey for how it performed. I paid $15 for this because I was first starting out with makeup and I had no idea how much concealer cost. I also did not know about the great sales and deals I could find in drugstores. The color of this concealer is a bit too gray for my skin and I have concealers that I favor over this one. I didn't want to keep an expired product that I would no longer reach for in my collection so I just tossed it.

L'oreal Infallible Lip Gloss in Bloom
This was one of the very first lipglosses I purchased around the same time as the concealer. Loreal was having a BOGO sale on lip products and I just grabbed this one. I had little knowledge of anything makeup related and pinks were pretty much light or dark to me. I probably didn't know what "nude" was either. I have no idea why I picked up this shade because I really don't think berry pinks work on me at all. For a year this lipgloss sat in my collection untouched. Throughout the past few months I have made a conscious effort to use this more and I used this probably... more than ten times but less than twenty. I disliked the artificial, chemical scent to this lipgloss and it just didn't look nice. I decided to toss this because the chemicals were starting to separate and it didn't make sense to use something I didn't enjoy while the lipglosses I do like were being ignored.

SO! Overall, my Project Pan was... pretty fail. Over the past few months I did buy some beauty products but I'd like to think I cut down a bit. I cleared  my collection of some items I never really used and I realized many of the things I do not enjoy were things I purchased a long time ago when I first started with makeup. I'm also finishing up some skincare and excited to try out more things. If I learned one thing during this project, it was that I probably have enough eyeshadow to last me at least twenty years. I'm pretty much preventing myself from buying new eyeshadow while spending the money on better skincare and some new lip products. I am also trying to spend less on more drugstore products so that I can invest in a few high end items.

I encourage all of you who feel like you have spent too much on beauty products to try and cut down and see how refreshing it can be. Toss out the really, really old products in your collection so that you can use the stuff you really like! Thank you guys for giving me suppprt and encouragement throughout my progress :)


  1. I haven't really been on a project pan but I've definitely stopped buying so much makeup for myself. I told myself not to buy any makeup until May for one MAC collection. Or if I need to replace something like mascara or foundation.

  2. **sigh** there isn't anything at this point I want to cut out or throw out, lol. It's sooo hard and I keep wanting to buy the new stuff.

  3. Freddie: That's good will power! I think I've slowed down my obsession with buying things... maybe. :) I'm still working on it!

    Pang: Yep, it is hard >.< But if you have a job and everything I think it's reasonable. I'm an unemployed college student so my spending is quite unjustified :/


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