Purple Spring Nails :)

This was what I wore on my nails last week to usher in the new season :) When I think of spring, I automatically gravitate towards lilacs, baby pinks, sky blues, peaches, corals, and anything pastel. So when I saw the Maybelline Spring 2011 display during Rite Aid's 40% off Maybelline, I had to pick one of the limited edition nail polishes. There were six shades in the collection and I picked up Lilac Luster which is a pale purple with pink duo-chrome. These polishes are very unique in that they flash different colors depending on the lighting.

I applied three to four coats on my nails and you can still see the tips of my nails :/ This is the first Maybelline nail polish I have tried and to be honest, I am not entirely impressed. The formula is extremely thin so you really need to layer it on. I do really enjoy the color and I bought this for only $1 and a few cents so I'm not unhappy with my purchase. The next time I wear this, I'll probably layer it over a pink or purple polish to achieve a more opaque coating.

What are your favorite spring nail colors and polishes? :)


  1. I've never tried any Maybelline polishes. But the color of that one does look nice despite how sheer it sounds. I love to wear pastels in the summer :D

  2. I like coral, pinks, & purples (: very chic. I like the ones from sally hansen. they always know what I want and need !

  3. Mandy: Pastels<3 I love them year round to be honest but I go for brighter colors in the warmer months ^^

    Serinny: Sally Hansen Xtreme nail polishes are my favorite drugstore nail polishes :D

  4. i just bought a really pretty lavender color from Essie called Lilacism, u should try it! its nice shade of purple thats not too overdone!
    i bought it for 6 at this Soho place that sales hair and beauty products and they have a lot of the Essie colors that drugstores dont carry! Definitely check it out when you are around there! :D

  5. Ohh, thanks for the heads up Lam Lam :)


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