Revlon Lip Product Hauling~ && reviews

Rite Aid is having 40% off all Revlon cosmetics this week with $4 cash back if you buy $10. I had a few Revlon lip items on my beauty wish list so I took this great opportunity to snag some! For around $15 I picked up a Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal, two Colorburst Lipglosses in Peony and Strawberry, and a Colorburst Lipstick in Petal.

I already have three Super Lustrous Lipglosses in Pink Whisper (my least favorite of all the ones I own), Lilac Pastelle (<3), and Coral Reef (nice warm weather color). I reviewed and swatched those colors HERE. I had been wanting to pick up Peach Petal for a long time since I love nude lip colors and it is just that. It is a slightly peach nude cream lipgloss. Like the other Super Lustrous Lipglosses it has SPF 15 and like the newer shades, it glides on like a dream. Peach Petal is very moisturizing and it does not settle into my lips and accentuate the dryness. When I first applied Peach Petal I was kind of scared because it looked like I smeared yellow Elmer's glue on my lips! I smoothed it out and in a minute it settled to  become a nice, slightly pink nude color. I am highly pleased with this lipgloss and I am looking forward to wearing it paired with a smokey eye :)

The Colorburst lipglosses are fairly new and I have heard mixed reviews about them. I was in the market for spring and summer lip colors so I picked Peony and Strawberry. Peony is a sheer coral with a lot of golden shimmer. Strawberry is a bit more out of my comfort zone as it's a hot red pink with silver shimmer. I find that I prefer cream lip colors but all of the Colorburst lipglosses are packed with shimmer! Even though the shimmer is very finely milled, it is still detectable on my lips. When I press my lips together, I can definitely tell that there are shimmer particles in the gloss.

The Colorburst lipglosses are packaged in a longer and slimmer tubed compared to the Super Lustrous but both contain .2 oz of product. The applicator is quite strange as it's a long, skinny sponge tip. I find that it does not pick up as much product as I need to cover my lips so I need to dip into the tube twice. Not a big deal, but I prefer the normal tips. Unlike the Super Lustrous Lipglosses which do not have a scent, the Colorburst Lipglosses have a vanilla scent. I don't mind it and it's hardly detectable once on my lips. So far, I'm not loving these as much as most of the Super Lustrous Lipglosses but they're decent.

I really like the other Colorburst lipstick I have in Soft Nude so I thought I'd try out one of the newer shades. I talked about Soft Nude and swatched it HERE. The shade shown above is Petal which is a my-lips-but-better (MLBB) shade with a bit more pink. It has shimmer in it and the color somewhat reminds me of another Revlon lipstick I have from the regular line called Twinkled Pink. On my lips Petal is not extremely noticeable but it adds a pink tint with shimmer on my lips.

It applies smoothly over lipbalm and feels quite hydrating. I actually don't need to put a lipgloss over the top of it and I find that the lipstick looks moisturizing enough. The lasting power is not great and after you eat it's going to disappear. But I don't really need a long wearing lipstick so I don't mind reapplying. It's a nice shade but nothing too special. If you have a lot of lipsticks already, you probably have something like Petal in your collection.

This is how Petal looks on my lips :) I'm wearing it here alone, without gloss so you can see it looks really nice and natural! It can complement a variety of looks as well!

Overall, I'm satisfied with the products I picked up. Getting four lip products for around $15 is quite good considering you'd only be able to purchase one regular Mac lipstick or lipglass for that price. A large portion of my lip products are actually by Revlon for some reason. Four out of the five lipsticks I own are by Revlon and I now have six Revlon lipglosses. The packaging is usually a lot nicer than other drugstore brands (I especially love the packaging of their glosses) and the product quality is average to above average. :)

Tried any of these products? Thinking about getting anything from their newer lines like Colorburst?


  1. i love the soft nude lipstick u have there :D its really pretty and gives a little pink tint to the lips! :)

  2. Ah, I should have reworded my sentence! The lipstick featured in this post is Petal. I wrote about Soft Nude before. I'll edit the post to be more clear. :)

  3. They are all so pretty! I love the colorburst line! It's one of my favorite drugstore lippies. Too bad we don't have Rite Aid here. What a nice deal!

  4. I am so getting the strawberry one.
    Anyways, it's not the brand that counts- it's the QUALITY!

    You can usually get cheaper dupes of many of the high-end stuff.

  5. Pang: I like the line as well :) The packaging is excellent and the products are quite good ^^

    Yomi Uba: Yup, quality for sure counts! But I'm also a sucker for packaging and using something with nicer, sleeker, well-made packaging matters sometimes. I don't have many high end items but I want to invest in those rather than getting hoards of cheaper products that don't all work well :) It's all about balance!

  6. What a good deal! I have Peony and Strawberry too!


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