Save or Splurge?

After splurging on expensive body moisturizers at Lush and The Body Shop, I needed to give my wallet a break and find a less pricey way to keep my skin smooth and hydrated. Before I actually review the product this post focuses on, I want to give a brief background to my skin needs. I have severely dry skin on my body and I would slather on Vaseline all over to prevent cracks and marks on areas on my legs, back, and arms. A year and a half ago my doctor told me to use Eucerin to soothe my skin. Eucerin lotions can be found at drugstores but they are one of the pricier lotions, running for almost $10 for a bottle. Eucerin was a lot lighter than Vaseline and it absorbed a lot better so it became my new staple. I went through several bottles of Eucerin quite quickly and sometimes the lotion was too light to solve my skin issues. So I tried my luck with Lush and The Body Shop and told you about my results with those products before.

A few weeks ago I was at Target and I had a $1 off coupon for any Jergens lotion and they were on sale for $5 for a large bottle. I was running low on my Body Shop lotion so I thought I'd give Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion a chance. I had never tried a Jergens lotion so I didn't really have high expectations for a $4 moisturizer.

The ingredients seem pretty commonplace and typical of what you would find in most drugstore lotions. However, it does contain Petrolatum which is the main ingredient in Vaseline. The Eucerin lotion I was using before did not contain Petrolatum.

The lotion is white in color and lightweight. It does have a noticeable scent which I personally like. The pump is easily controllable and most people tend to prefer this packaging over tub containers.

The lotion is super easy to spread out and it sinks into the skin almost immediately. It does not leave a trace of sticky residue or any color that may transfer onto clothing. Honestly, in terms of how supple my skin is compared to before, this $4 moisturizer beats the Lush massage bars, Body Shop body butter, and Eucerin lotions. The bottle is also huge, almost double the product that one bottle of Eucerin had, so it will last me throughout the summer for sure. To be honest, if I did not have that $1 coupon I probably would not have picked this up and would have missed out on a great product. I'm really glad that I found this moisturizer and it will probably be a staple in my body care routine for months to come. I also think this would work for skin that is not severely dehydrated because the lotion is so light and easily absorbed.

I highly recommend this lotion for everyone due to it's availability, affordability, and performance :) Tell me what you think if you've ever used a Jergens moisturizer! What's your HG (holy grail) body moisturizer?


  1. I wish I found this out earlier too. I haven't really used my massage bars too much because of how long it takes for it to sink into my skin =\ I think I might try this next if I can find a coupon hehe

  2. The massage bars were a nice treat and it felt nice when I had the time to actually rub the bar on my body. But it was cumbersome when the pieces were too tiny to fit into my hand or when I was in a rush. I got the coupon when I requested a sample from Jergens awhile back :) Not sure if they have coupons otherwise.

  3. Jergens is my absolute favourite, along with St. Ives. They can go as cheap as $2.99/bottle, which is why I buy them <3 Jergens is so nourishing and rich--I would only use my massage bars on special occasions lol

  4. You should def use this one :) If you don't feel truly moisturized, you should try a body oil. I recommend Jason's Vitamin E oil or Argan oil and top it off w/Jergens :p Jergens is a nourishing lotion that I really love! But for intense dry skin, I use Aveeno's Intense relief cream... every single day!

  5. Steph: Nobody ever raved about Jergens so I just never tried it :/ But I'm glad I know about it now! I think I might try Lush's body butters instead of massage bars next time!

    Rainy Days: I've never tried a body oil but thanks for the recommendations! Mm, I used to use Aveeno when I was younger but it's more expensive. I'm not a fan of their skincare products so I don't tend to purchase their body care products now.


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