Au Naturale Eyes and Glossy Red Lips

A made up face minus lip products :)
I often looked towards Asian celebrities for fashion and beauty inspiration as well as the common Hollywood stars. There is a noticeable difference between East Asian and Western beauty standards and trends. Asian women tend to focus on achieving luminous, healthy fair skin while keeping the eyes, cheeks, and lips very natural. Lately I have been only applying a light champagne shadow all over the lid and lining my eyes with brown pencil. Not only has this been cutting down on my makeup application time but it complements my eyes well since I do not have a defined crease or large eyes in general.

These pictures are actually from the same day that I wore Mac's Lady Gaga II lipstick HERE. Before I was going to remove my makeup for the day, I decided to try out one of my newer lipglosses, namely Revlon's Colorburst lipgloss in Strawberry. I did a full post on Strawberry and some other Revlon lip glosses HERE. The red lips are glossy and somewhat sheer, making them more wearable for someone like me who clings to light pink and nude lips like they are life support.

Here is a closer look at Strawberry on my lips. I really like it when bloggers post pictures of lip swatches but I am guilty of not doing them myself often enough. I'll try to do more lip swatches but usually I'll just tell you guys what's on my lips when I do FOTD posts :)

Although I have yet to step out of my house with Strawberry on my lips, I'm looking forward to really soon :) Simple, natural eyes and bright lips are definitely going to be looks I'll be wearing often this spring! 


  1. you look so pretty! i know what you mean about simple natural eyes, so much easier when your creaseless! x

  2. So pretty! Ah I'm always iffy about leaving the house with bright lips (even when its just from a tinted lipbalm =X) But it looks great on you! ^__^

  3. Luscious lips :)
    I go for natural for school, quite refreshing

  4. christine: Thankyou! It can be so frustrating sometimes when I can't replicate eye makeup looks I see on other people because of my eye shape :(

    mandy: Me too! Sometimes I'm hesitant to leave the house with any "loud" makeup but in the end as long as you have the confidence to rock it and a decent enough application, go for it!

    Serinny: I usually go natural for school and I experiment on the weekends :D


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