Collective Hauling - Lush, Drugstore, & Mac

Over the past few weeks I have been buying a few beauty related products here and there and I will be reviewing most of these products soon. This post is just a general overview of some things I have accumulated, most of which have been on my wishlist for some time, to give you a sneak peek at what is to come.

I had $8.50 in CVS Extra Bucks and Milani was BOGO 50%, which usually is not a good enough sale for me to justify buying anything, but I wanted to use up the Extra Bucks. The CVS in my neighborhood did not have the new mineralized blushes in stock yet so I settled for the Luminous blush that has quite a lot of good reviews. I wanted to spend as little money as possible so I chose to get a nail polish which looks super interesting. The polish is a metallic taupe silver and I'm looking forward to trying it out soon even though it s not a typical spring color. Wet n' Wild is 40% this week at Rite Aid so I picked up one of their lipsticks since I heard a lot of good reviews and I do not have a coral lipstick in my collection. I'm slowly building my lipstick army :)

Last week I dropped by the Mac counter at Macy's to use up what I had left on a gift card to get the 239 shader brush. But the sales associate who helped me was not friendly or helpful and I ended up not being able to use up the money I had on my giftcard because she was extremely absent minded.... I will not go into depth about my experience day but I left the counter extremely annoyed. I have already used the brush a few times (which is why the tips of the bristles are pink) and I like it.

On Monday I made my second ever Lush haul because I ran out of toner and I had a few things I wanted to try. I got the big bottle of the Tea Tree Water and I wanted to get one of their fresh face masks so I asked for Cupcake. The guy who helped me was really nice and he asked if I tried any of their cleansers and I said no so he recommended Herbalism to me. I didn't need a facial cleanser but I asked for a sample and they were really nice about it. Some people are really peeved by the Lush sales associates but the store I go to is great. They are polite and friendly but not pushy at all. But back to what I hauled.... I repurchased Sugar Babe which is a body scrub I reviewed HERE and I wanted to try another product that seemed similar called Glorious Mud. I will be reviewing everything after I have used them a few times :)

I am planning to do a few posts on prom related makeup and beauty tips soon. I'll show you guys pictures from my own prom and stuff like that so stay tuned! Please leave requests and comments to tell me if there's a certain look you want to see ^^


  1. Oh I kinda want to try out the stuff at lush :x ! seeing so many people going there (well I've just noticed there's a lot of girls that go there LOLS)

    & prom makeup ? :D oh a tutorial perhaps?

  2. Great haul! :] I haven't tried any milani blushes but really want to try that particular color and maitai (they seem to be the more popular shades). How is the tea tree toner?

    I can't wait to see your prom pictures! I finally decided to go even though I have no date lol Woot go friends xD

  3. ooh I love those Wet n Wild lipsticks:) what shade did you get?

    plus that nail polish you got looks really pretty...looking forward to your new posts btw!

  4. yay great haul! LOVE that mac brush, definitely one of my favorites. and i love the cupcake face mask, but for my problem skin, i definitely prefer cosmetic warrior! i want to try some other one they have with blueberries. and i've heard many great things about the toner, so hope it works out for you! x

  5. Your blog post just reminded me that I need to buy another Milani luminous blush bc I hit pan. Anyways, I know how you feel about getting bad customer service at MAC. Ive heard some horrible stories.

    Anyways, to answer your ? about how to wear teal besides on the bottom lashline. Id say you can wear on the crease or as a liner on top.

    BTW Im a new subbie. Im loving your blog. :)

  6. Serinny: Lush is a pretty cool place so I definitely think you should check it out :) But it gets expensive pretty fast and not everything is great. I really support their efforts to be "green" and eco-friendly though!

    mandy: I was thinking about getting MaiTai too :) I'll probably get it the next time Milani has a sale since it looks like a good summer shade. I haven't used the Tea Tree toner enough to review it fully yet so I'll get back to you on that. A lot of my friends went to prom date-less so its fine ^^

    Jasmine: I got the shade 903C Just Peachy :) I'm also excited to try every thing out :D

    Mara: Thanks for getting back to me :) Mm, I have to experiment more with color! I really love your blog so I'm very flattered that you're a new follower ^^

  7. Ah! Christine, I don't know how I skipped responding to your comment before >.< Anyways, I'll try Cosmetic Warrior next! But isn't that the one with garlic or something in it? I think Tiffany D on youtube said it smelled extremely bad lol. But if it works wonders... I might give it a shot! I hope the toner works out too >.< It's so hard to find skincare that helps my skin and it's hard to tell what works and what doesn't since I get hormonal breakouts as well.


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