Get Down and Dirty with Lush's Glorious Mud

I had a great experience with Lush's Sugar Babe (reviewed HERE) so I wanted to try something else from their shower scrub line. I settled with Glorious Mud because this block of Rhassoul clay claims to soothe and moisturize. The smell was hard to detect in the store since there are so many other Lush scents are bombarding your nose at once. But at home, the scent of Glorious Mud is apparent but not too overwhelming. The scent is very natural but not exactly pleasant.

The first difference that I noticed between this and Sugar Babe was that this was a lot harder to cut up. I insist on chopping up Lush scrubs because it is the most efficient way to use up the product. It is important not to get the whole block of product wet or else it will harden and become useless. Sugar Babe is somewhat easy to cut since it is made of sugar and has a liquid core. Glorious Mud was a pain to cut up because crumbs flew every which way and it just was not a fun experience. I can manage to get five to six pieces out of Sugar Babe which is plenty for five to six showers. I had to give up after cutting Glorious Mud into four pieces.

I use Glorious Mud as the last step in my shower routine, about once or twice a week. I am currently alternating between Sugar Babe and Glorious Mud and I usually leave two to three days between scrubs. The first time I used Glorious Mud, I stepped away from the shower nozzle and added some water to the chunk of mud to break it down. Unfortunately, it does not break down much or crumble easily like a normal scrub. Glorious Mud fizzles and bit and foams up instead. I rubbed the foam onto my skin and continued to add water to it. Getting this product to break down was a nightmare. It was hard and difficult to break down even when I was using brute force to try and crush it. Out of my frustration, I threw it on my shower floor and it stayed intact.... Yep, that's how sturdy this scrub is.

The second time I used Glorious Mud, I was very wary. But this time, I turned the shower head off and let a slow trickle of water run so I could take my time to try and get the scrub all over before rinsing it away. According to Lush, you are supposed to use the product like a body mask before rinsing. I had a bit more luck the second time around but still had to struggle to break down the mud. My shower was also extremely dirty looking after wards because the mud particles had not washed down the drain entirely. I had to pour extra water into my shower to wash away all the dirt and grime.

If all this hard work had fantastic results, I really wouldn't complain. Unfortunately, Glorious Mud did nothing substantial to my skin. It was a bit softer but nothing amazing to say the least. I do not recommend this product because I think Sugar Babe does a much better job as a scrub and moisturizer and is a bit cheaper as well. I will definitely not be repurchasing Glorious Mud and I can't wait to finish it up to get it out of my sight!


  1. At least you know now to not get glorious mud ! Experience is key in finding whatever if right for you (:


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