Gilded Green EOTD

When I'm not wearing brown or purple eye shadows, I'm probably wearing golds and greens :) I'm a big fan of warm toned golds and greens that blend seamlessly together to create a wearable yet eye-catching look. I used a variety of colors from my Inglot palette as well as some shades from Too Faced.

I started with a light layer of an old gold, slightly brown golden, all over the lid. I really LOVE this shadow which is AMC Shine 49 from Inglot. I chose this shade to put in my palette because it is such a complicated, unique color. It reminded me a lot of a shade from a limited edition palette from Maybelline called Earthly Glow (reviewed and swatched HERE). The shade I am referring to is the third from the left on the second row. The Maybelline shade is GORGEOUS and even more complex than the Inglot one in all honesty. I then applied a forest green, Inglot's Pearl 419, on the entire length of my lid but concentrating the color somewhat close to the lashline so the gold peeks through. The green shade I used should be very comparable to Mac's Sumptuous Olive. Then I took Too Faced's Label Whore and concentrated the color on the outer corner, sweeping the color gently into the crease. I used a fluffy crease brush for this part so that the color would be somewhat sheer. You only need a bit to get the green and brown duo-chrome. If you have Mac's Club, feel free to substitute that instead. On the inner corner I applied Inglot's AMC Shine 08 which is a very light yellow gold. I brought that color onto the inner half of my lower lashline. On the outer half of my lashline I applied the old gold shade and layered a shimmery brown shadow to darken it up. I lined my eyes with Loreal's Lineur Intense and added some lashes.

On my lips I wore Revlon's Soft Nude colorburst lipstick and Too Faced's glamour gloss in Pillow Talk over it. I did wear blush and highlighter but you can't really tell in the picture. For blush I used the Revlon's Beyond Natural Blush and Bronzer (blush side) which I do NOT recommend. I'm just trying to use it up while I'm still pale enough for it to show up. I used E.L.F Studio's Gotta Glow blush as a highlighter.

Hopefully this gives you guys some sort of inspiration to try out gold and green shadows :) Tell me if you guys like EOTD and FOTD posts!

On a side note, I also added a picture of how Revlon's Petal colorburst lipstick looks on my lips in my review HERE. Please check that out if you're curious about how it actually looks on the lips ^^


  1. I love EOTD posts and I am also a big fan of warm tone eyeshadow. I dont know why but they just suit me 100 times more than cool tones. Is the Loreal Lineur Intense any good?

  2. I 100% agree with you about warm tones suiting me so much more than cool tones! I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliners in general because for me they give me less control than pencil or gel. The Lineur Intense is really long lasting (as long as you don't get it wet) and it's really black. If you're good at using liquid liner I think you'd like it :)

  3. ohhh gold :) i feel like gold doesnt show much on my skin but you pulled it off really well ! & putting lashes on go a long way in completing the look; way to go !


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