I Can't Say No to Taupes!

I told myself I would not buy any more eyeshadows for awhile because I just have SO many. But then I get a $5 coupon off any Physician's Formula product and CVS was giving $7 Extra Bucks with the purchase of any Physician's Formula product AND I had this palette on my wishlist already. There were too many taupes in the Physician's Formula Eye Candy Palette for Hazel Eyes (what a mouth full!) for me to pass up at such a great opportunity.

The packaging has changed somewhat in that the clear plastic top now sports the brand name instead of just a "P". I don't really have a preference for either of these designs and I do like the weighty feel of the plastic.

Overall the pigmentation and quality of the shadows is standard for what Physician's Formula usually makes, which is a good thing. The taupes lean towards the cool, silvery side which is fine with me. A taupe is a taupe and I love all taupes :)

The one bright, pop of color in the palette was the most sheer shadow. I wish they would have replaced it with a better shade (of taupe!) to be honest. The pop of color makes the palette look more appealing I guess but other than that, it's pretty useless. The super dark color that I swatched next to the pink is probably my favorite. It's a dark cool toned brown taupe that has awesome pigmentation :)

Now I have a total of four of the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Palettes! You can see that I gravitate towards the neutral palettes.... I got all of them on sale or discount so I think they're well worth the money. I might get a few more of these if they have another sale even though I really don't need anymore. These retail for about $12 so they're quite pricey for drugstore but you get a decent amount of product and many shades to choose from. I recommend them if you're looking to build your collection of eyeshadows or if you want a travel friendly palette. 


  1. I have onw of those Shimmer Strips Palettes that is designed for blue eyes but I don't really like it, I don't like blue eyeshadows z=

  2. Mm, I don't choose the palettes based on what my eye color is :) Three of the palettes I own are supposed to be for Hazel eyes actually! I only purchased the smokey green eyes palette because it was 75% off :) I just choose based on what colors I like in the palettes haha. Give them another shot and pick colors you do like :D

  3. i think that i will buy one , they are on sale for 4$ , i m following you .

  4. oo! these looks so pretty!
    thank you so much for the recent follow, i really appreciate it, following you too xo

  5. I have the smokey green eyes and... ugh. I'm not a fan. I wasn't even a fan of the original and I returned it. Oh well, when I bought the smokey version, it was during the 75% sale so I'm not worried about it.

  6. Wow you have a lot of those shimmer palettes! Have you tried the PF gel liners? I love them! I have yet to post a review.

  7. I wonder how many eye shadows you have right now :x

  8. beauty combat: Thanks!

    christine: Ah, thanks for following :) Hope you like my blog as much as I like yours! ^^

    Freddie: Sorry it didn't work out for you >.< Good thing you can return products at most mass retailers!

    Pang: Yup, I have the gel liner trio for Hazel eyes and I like it a lot :D

    Serinny: Lol, A LOT ^^


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