Lush's Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know I suffer from oily/combination skin as well as constant acne. I have tried many skin care products to fix my skin issues and my skin has improved since my earlier teen years when I did give my skincare much thought. Many oily skinned Lush fans raved on and on about the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask so I had to give it a shot. It is meant to calm oily, teenage skin which is pretty much what I have. At only $5.95 for a tub, what did I have to lose, right?

The ingredients in these fresh face masks are so fresh that they expire in just three weeks after they are made. You can only purchase these from a Lush store since they do not ship them on their website. These masks must be kept chilled in the refrigerator as well. I really like how Lush labels when the products are made and when they expire so I don't have to play a guessing game like I do with some other products.

This is how Cupcake looked when I first opened the tub, a rich chocolate cupcake batter-esque mixture. This mask contains Rhassoul mud like the Glorious Mud body scrub which I reviewed HERE. The smell is not exactly like cupcakes in my opinion. It has a minty sort of scent to me which is not bad but not one I really enjoy either. I find that most Lush scents have to grow on you because they are not traditional fragrances.

After washing my face with my regular cleanser and drying my face, I slathered Cupcake all over to test it out. The paste is easy to spread on and it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to dry. I wait for the product to dry and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Surprisingly, the mask washes off very easily and there are some hard bits in the mask that act like a mild exfoliator. The scent kind of lingered on my skin after rinsing but I was not too bothered. My skin felt softer and quite radiant but I think that is mostly due to the scrubby particles.

This is how much was left after two uses of the mask which is a lot. I probably could get six to eight uses out of one tub! Judging from other reviews, I tend to get more use out of Lush products than most people for some reason.

Unfortunately, I have only used the mask three times but I do not think I will be using it anymore. Since using this mask, my skin has broken out quite severely all over my face. Well, not exactly on every single square centimeter but rather two to three painful pimples on each corner of my face. The pimples are noticeable and I usually do not break out in some of these areas so I think it is not a hormonal breakout. I am not totally sure it is this product that has agitated my skin but it seems to be the culprit and I do not want to risk damaging my healing skin. I looked on MakeUpAlley and most of the reviews are very high but there are a number of people who seem to have the same problem as me.

I will be tossing out the product in the tub but saving the container because if you bring back five empty black Lush pots, you get a free fresh face mask. I will not be repurchasing Cupcake for obvious reasons but I may try another face mask to see if I get the same reaction. I probably will ask for a sample next time. Have you tried Cupcake or any of Lush's other fresh face masks? If you have, tell me how your experience was :)


  1. oh mans throwing it out ? ): try giving it to someone else who might be interested! I don't break out usually but my all-nighters have definitely left my skin in a really bad state D:

  2. Maybe you could give some to your friends/relatives to try vs trying it out? Throwing it out seems like a waste even though it didn't work well for you. I was thinking of trying this one day but I don't really like minty products =X Hope your skin heals quickly from this!

  3. Serinny and Mandy: I don't have many relatives and none of them have oily skin at all. It's also really hard to give this to friends because of the need to refrigerate the product and I usually meet up with friends during a long day out. I hate wasting the product (and my money) but I don't feel right offering this to someone else given the way I reacted to it. Also, the expiration date is super close so it's time is near anyway~

  4. awwww :( i think the formula might be too strong
    hope u have a better experience with other Lush products

  5. I just got Oatifix this past week and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I'll be reviewing it afterward. I didn't like Lush for a long time, but I'm starting to come back around and try more. I do like their soaps. :) It was the customer service that ruined it for me the last time. I hate that this didn't work for you! Maybe try the Lettuce one? I've heard it is good for oily/breakout prone skin!

  6. Lam Lam: Yup, it might have been too strong :( I will still give some other Lush products a fair shot but I'll be more wary when it comes to skincare.

    Wendy: I'll be waiting for your review :) I smelled a few of the soaps I was interested in getting but they didn't smell that great. I might go back a tiny bit just to try them out though. The workers at the store I go to are really nice and not overly pushy so I'm glad for that! Mm, I might try their other face masks.... Hopefully they won't be like cupcake :/

  7. I've never tried any of Lush's masks! Oh no, that's not good it made you break out :( Are you allergic to any other masks you've ever tried? It could be certain ingredient that your skin has an allergy to or your skin simply hasn't adapted to that type of paste yet. Hopefully next time you won't break out!


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