My Prom Experience and Some Beauty Advice

Prom season is underway as girls and guys scramble to pick out their dresses and tuxedos, decide on table arrangements, and rent their limousines. I attended my high school senior prom last year so I want to share my own experience as well as some general tips to consider for this event :)

This was the dress I bought for my senior prom which cost around $140. I really liked this dress because it somehow gave me curves that I otherwise would not have! I thought the color was really unique and I was aiming to wear a long dress since I really wouldn't have another excuse to wear one (until I get married that is). I blurred out my face in that picture because I had a strange expression going on :P

Here is another full body picture with two of my friends who came to my apartment to get ready. I did my own hair and makeup for prom because the tickets for our high school prom is $200. I also did my friend's makeup and her sister did her hair. I highly recommend that you (or your friend, mom, family friend, etc.) do your hair and makeup, especially if you are already spending a lot on other things like the tickets, dress, or limousine.

I kept my hair fairly simple by just curling sections of it with my curling iron and clipping some of it back with a nice decorative clip. I don't have any good pictures of my makeup but I kept it quite simple, using golds and browns to complement my dress and falsies to add something extra to my look. I highly recommend experimenting with hair and makeup looks if you are doing your own makeup prior to the actual day. If you have a great idea in mind but you have not practiced actually applying it, you may encounter some difficulty on the day of the big event and you don't want any unexpected mishaps to dampen your mood.

My boyfriend was my prom date but it's perfectly fine to go dateless! Prom is something to share with your entire grade and not just with your date. He rented his tuxedo from Men's Warehouse like almost all our other guy friends and I'm surprised the color of his vest and tie matched pretty well with my dress :) As you can see here, I kept my makeup relatively neutral and aimed for clear skin and soft eyes.

The most essential element to beautiful, flawless makeup is fresh, dewy skin. You'll probably be taking a lot of flash photography that evening so keep your foundation SPF-free to avoid a white cast. If you are not used to wearing makeup, I highly suggest you opt for a light to medium coverage foundation to avoid looking overdone and not yourself. It is extremely important to get the right shade of foundation because I cannot think of a beauty disaster worse than wearing the extremely wrong shade of foundation. It looks incredibly obvious, especially in pictures. No matter how good your eye makeup looks, nobody will notice if your face and neck are two different colors. If you have nice skin I highly recommend mineral powder foundation because it gives just enough coverage without the heavy feel or look. You should also choose a mattifying foundation or powder because chances are you will be sweating and the last thing anyone wants is their makeup melting off. You want to look like yourself for prom so don't load up too much on the foundation and powder. Less is definitely more!

Of course I have to include a picture of my girlfriends :) If any of you are reading this I hope you don't mind me posting up these pictures! We had fun and the night flew by so quickly that it's amazing how much anticipation and thought led up to those few hours of dancing, eating, and more dancing.

My overall advice for everyone, but especially beginners, is to keep the makeup simple by aiming for flawless, glowy skin and bright eyes. You don't want to fuss too much over your makeup because that will just detract from the whole point of prom which is to celebrate the end of your high school accomplishments. The most important thing is to feel confident, classy, and comfortable.

I will be doing some prom inspired tutorials soon so look out for those~


  1. you had such an elegant prom dress! your hair, makeup, everything looks so put together in such a pretty way.

  2. I agree with littlelucy, you look so cute!

  3. You look all dolled up :D The dress color is unique and I love the color!

  4. You look so pretty! My prom ticket is pretty expensive too..
    Did you get your dress at a wedding store? Looks really nice! I'm actually going dress shopping this week :D
    Thanks for the MU tips. I need to experiment more before the actual's going to be tough (for me at least) =X

  5. Haha I don't mind you putting up a picture of me. I'm just wondering why I have the same expression in both pictures... o.o
    And I wished I knew more about make up for prom that day ): ! I didn't experiment with makeup beforehand and kinda winged it in the bathroom... & bought the makeup the same day...
    I did look up prom makeup tutorial so it sorta helped, but I just wished I made better choices that day ! (red-eye infection due to allergy to one of my makeup applicator)

  6. littlelucy, sarah. rainy days: Thank you guys :D

    mandy: Yup, I got my dress from a bridal store in Brooklyn :) Good luck finding an awesome dress!

    serinny: Ah, as long as you had a good time it doesn't matter, right? :D

  7. oh wow! the dress is absolutely stunning and your hair looks so flawless :)


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