Bare Faced

A few weeks ago I saw a bunch of Youtubers and bloggers, who I respect and who are big contributors to the online beauty community, do no makeup posts. Their goal was to raise awareness (more or less) that makeup isn't everything and that we should be comfortable in our own skin. I have plenty of no makeup days because I'm either too darn tired or I just want to let my skin breathe. So... are you guys ready for my bare face?

This is how I look right before applying my night time skincare and hopping into the sack. I'm growing out my bangs so my hair is a bit untamed. I loved my bangs because they hid my forehead and the beauty mark near the center of my forehead. That little dot made me super self conscious when I was younger and it still does sometimes. The lighting is making me look more tan than I actually am by the way but I'll be this color or darker by the time August comes around! By the way, I did not retouch any of these photos besides adding a watermark and I blurred out the logo on my shirt because it was my high school tee :)

You can see my acne scars better from this angle. A few weeks ago I had a pretty bad breakout on my chin and the scars are taking forever and a day to heal. You can't really tell from the pictures but my skin is really thin so my veins and capillaries are really visible on my cheeks and around my mouth. My main issue is with my acne scars and uneven skin tone. Also, I have small eyes so makeup helps them look a bit bigger and more awake :)

So that's that! It really doesn't bother me to go outside with no makeup but I do prefer wearing some if I'm going to an interview or special event. I do encourage everyone who wears makeup regularly to let your skin breathe once in awhile and realize that most people won't notice the flaws you see. Chances are, people are too concerned about their flaws and insecurities to worry about yours ;)

If any of you do this post, please leave a link in the comments :D


  1. This is such a great post! You still look beautiful, although I understand your insecurities. I think all women have them. Unfortunately, some people use makeup to hide behind or cover up what they think are their "imperfections," instead of using makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Thanks so much for sharing this! If you don't mind, I'd love to steal your idea, and do my own post about this too :)

  2. :) This post was really nice to read. I love how you can share things that a lot of people are insecure about. Thank you for writing this...

    BTW, you're beautiful without makeup.

  3. I agree with what everyone else said! You look great without makeup.
    I have plenty of no-makeup or barely-there makeup days too! Natural is the best way to go :] I totally understand about the beauty mark thing. I have a huge one by my nose! My aunt a lot of adults (parents' friends etc) who always suggest me to take it off..but I'm such a scaredy-cat =X
    There's so many things that someone can be insecure about that sometimes it's just easier to start accepting them.

  4. Aw you guys are so sweet :D It took me awhile to appreciate myself because I got teased a lot and I've heard a myriad of snide comments about the way I look. I would love if you guys do this post to give me the link to it!

  5. This is not bad actually, I'm a lot worse asdfghjkl

  6. You look so fresh faced. I will do a post like this when my skin is slightly better....hehehehe... BTW Do you use anything special to fade your acne scars?

  7. Serena: I'm sure you don't look bad at all without makeup!

    Mara: I use The Face Shop's Spot Eraser which I talked more in-depth about here: But I really don't see much of a difference after using the product for almost six months.... I just try to exfoliate regularly, moisturize well, and apply SPF when I go out to help my scars.

  8. awww your hair got longer! i miss ur short haircut! it was sassyy and sexyy :D hehe and u look soo beautiful!

  9. first time here on your site. i just love your posts. you have a nice skin. lovely! ( :

  10. Lam Lam: I'm growing out my hair long again :) I like the versatility of long hair better but short hair was fun while it lasted!

    Margaret: Thanks for reading! My skin really isn't good at all :/ But it's not unbearably horrible so I can't complain I suppose!


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