BEWARE: FAKE My Beauty Diary Masks!

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I love the My Beauty Diary Masks in Birds Nest (reviewed HERE). I wanted to try the Black Pearl masks and my friend told me about a new store called iBeauty at the New World Mall which recently opened in Flushing, Queens that sold the masks for $9 a box. I was super excited and grabbed a box without a second thought. But on my way home and following closer inspection, I was beginning to think I bought fake masks. I did a bit of google searching and found a really great blog post with detailed pictures and everything. Please read it HERE

To be honest, I'm quite lazy at the moment to take pictures of everything so please check out the site above and I'll try to explain to the best of my ability.

I compared the Black Pearl masks to my Birds Nest masks which I know are genuine My Beauty Diary masks. The first sign of trouble was that the box I bought was shiny. Normally, the outer box is smooth and matte looking with some shimmer embedded into the paper. Also, there is normally a white sticker stating who imported the product into the country. The fake masks do not have that sticker. The individual sachets feel somewhat different as well because the real packets feel somewhat squishier. Other than that, the imitation masks seem very similar.

But you can really tell when you open the packet. The fake mask is folded somewhat haphazardly and the shape is very different. It is wider than the real masks. The paper quality is the most striking difference because it is thin and rough, almost like toilet paper. The real masks have a much more plush feeling. There was a scent to the fake mask but I have never used a Black Pearl mask so I don't know if there is a difference.

I did not apply these to my face as I do not know what ingredients they might have used. I had a bunch of serum on my hands from touching the mask and rubbed it onto my legs (which might not be the smartest thing to do). But my legs felt pretty nice to be honest and I experienced no irritation. I might just use these masks for my feet since I don't trust them on my face. I highly doubt I will be able to return these because the store did not give me a receipt.

PLEASE, do NOT buy masks from iBeauty at the New World Mall! They are FAKE. I really will be more wary next time and I will go back to purchasing my boxes for $11 a piece because I know they are the real deal. I'm pretty upset about this incident but I only lost $9 so it's not too bad :/ Hopefully this will serve as a warning to myself and others to be more observant and knowledgeable consumers.


  1. That's terrible! And to think I was beginning to trust the asian beauty stores a little more than I use to. Can never be too careful! I was there yesterday but never went into that specific store.

  2. I can't believe that there are fake masks. HOW ridiculous.....anyway good thing they were only $9...

  3. mandy: I'm never going back to that store ever again >.< This has definitely taught me to be more cautious. I was also beginning to trust asian retailers but now I have my guard up again!

    Mara: Yup, I'm glad they were pretty inexpensive.... I really hate anything that's not authentic and it really bothers me how people can be so deceiving.

  4. Where do you normally get your masks at? I live in the Flushing area, and there's a Chinese medicine pharmacy across from New World Mall, between a vegetable supermarket and the Corner roast shop and restaurant, they're selling it for 10 dollars a box and 5 boxes for 40, 10 boxes for 75. I just got my first box of black pearl today and it has the same shape as the real mask in the link you provided. So I think it's real. I don't know of any other store in the area to get these masks at so if you know any others, please tell me!

  5. I just got tricked into buying a fake box today =( I was so excited by the cheaper price. In the end I shouldn't have tried to save those $3.

    I bought mine in Elizabeth Center in Chinatown, NYC. The store is on the first floor, left hand side, all the way in the back corner.

  6. Thanks for warning me RedDinosaur! It really sucks that you got tricked into buying a fake box :( We have to look very closely before we purchase asian beauty products because there are a lot of fakes out there :/


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