ELF Elements: Quick Impressions

Blogger had some difficulties for the past day so I couldn't post anything. The spring semester is coming to a close and I have really been busy with school. But I still want to do a quick post talking about some E.L.F products I purchased recently which I showed in a previous haul.

This is the E.L.F Elements compact which is $1 on their website or at Target. The case is made of shiny plastic and it is a good weight. I used nail polish remover to wipe away the logo on the cover and it came off seamlessly.

Inside the compact you get a decent sized mirror which is great for doing touch ups. There is also a plastic insert that is easily removable with something thin. There is a thin piece of metal at the bottom which is not glued to the compact. I glued it in place with some nail polish top coat. Now I have a free form palette that I can stick magnetized eyeshadows and blushes in!

I also picked up the E.L.F single eyeshadow in Moondust which is a warm shimmery taupe. The shadow is very soft and prone to breakage so you do not want to drop it. There is a small magnet on the back of the pan which is very weak. If you put the shadow into the compact and shake it around, it will move. I put some tape on the back of the pan and stuck it into the compact for a more secure hold.

The pigmentation on the shadow is very nice and this is a great eyeshadow for the price. It is very soft and loosely packed so you will get some excess pigment when you dip your brush in. Just remember to tap your brush off before applying the color.

Overall the E.L.F compact and Moondust eyeshadow are good products and I highly recommend them.


  1. They no longer sell ELF here in Australia. I did always wonder how they manage to make money with their prices (technically I still do wonder!) but since they got rid of the AU site it's answered my question a little: they don't really to maintain any international sites! The chemists don't sell them anymore either :(.

    It's a shame because according to your review they're actually quite good. I never tried them out when they were readily available here! Ah well...

  2. I think ELF skimps on packaging and uses less high quality to be able to earn money. I believe most, if not all, of their products are made in China.

    I think they make a lot of decent products for the price but it's not my favorite brand of makeup for sure :)

  3. wow, Moondust is beautiful color!! i'm envy, ELF is not available in my country :(

  4. I'm loving this post, bc I have 3 of these palettes that I take for travel. I never knew that you could wipe off the Elf print and take the plastic insert off. Yayyy, now I can use it to store more than 4 e/s or blush. :)

  5. nisa-chan: That's a bummer :/ I get that feeling all the time when I see asian drugstore products!

    Mara: Glad this post was helpful for you :D Nail polish remover is really great for wiping off a lot of labels but you have to be careful sometimes because it can erode the plastic or coating sometimes!


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