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YES! I'm finally on summer vacation :) 
This last semester was filled with ups and downs and I'm relieved to say it's all over now!

Here's a little sneak peek of some high-end goodies I acquired recently. 
I only bought the Shiseido sunscreen and the rest were freebies because my mother's friend works at Bloomingdales. Some of the Lancome minis were part of a GWP because my mother purchased some items too and she has all the anti-aging type minis.
I bought a few more things from the drugstore (just a few I promise!) and I'll show those at a later time.
Expect more frequent posts~


  1. Yay, I can't wait for your frequent posts. That's a really nice haul. Oh, and congrats on finally being on summer vacation! :)

  2. I spy with my eyes the Lancome bi-facil remover!
    It's such an awesome eye makeup remover, it removes everything for me.

    also, congrats on finishing your semester

  3. Ugh *jealous* that you're on break.
    Summer semester has already started last last week and I can not wait until it's over (like always).

    I peep my favorite Shiseido cleanser! That sample is going to last you quite a while, I swear :d

  4. Huda Kaake: Hopefully I'll get around to doing more makeup looks :D

    J: I have another mini bottle of the bi-facil from a previous GWP and I've only used it once or twice. I try to save up my minis for trips and vacations :) It's good but too pricey for me to purchase regularly!

    Ashley: I'm hoping I never have to take classes in the summer because I think I can fit everything into fall and spring :) I have never used Shiseido skincare so I'm really excited to try those out. But I save minis for traveling and whatnot and I have many, many cleansers on reserve still! But I'm looking forward to using it~

  5. Lucky you're already on vacation! I still have one more month left :[
    I have the higher spf shiseido sunscreen!
    So many gwp items! One reason to love purchasing from department stores :P The lone dior product lol
    Can't wait to read more posts.


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