Hard Candy Blushes: Hit or Miss?

Out of Hard Candy's entire line of makeup products, it is safe for me to say that I was most excited to purchase one of their baked blushes. Out of the three shades in this line, I chose Pin Up which is a light, shimmery peach. Although these are marketed as blushes, I find the shimmer to be too overpowering. The shades are also quite light so only very fair skintones will probably be able to get these to show up as blushes.

The packaging is very standard for a mineralized product with a clear top and an easy to open and close top. I can say that I like the packaging on this product over many other drugstore products. There is a decent amount of product, 8 grams, for the price which is $7. The packaging also says that you can use the product wet but I do not know anyone who applies their blush wet. Alternately, you could probably use this as an eyeshadow dry or wet.

The powder is milled very fine and swatches very nicely on my finger and on my skin. I use Pin Up as a highlight on the highest points of my cheekbones to add dimension and a glow to my complexion. The color is very subtle and gives a warm, peach sheen to the skin. I would recommend this product to everyone on a budget who wants a glowy highlighter.

I also picked up one of the newer blushes in boxed packaging, similar to Benefit's boxed face powders. The packaging is very convenient as the lid magnetizes shut and the cardboard is very sturdy. The blush also comes with a brush but it was scratchy and useless so I tossed it. I chose the shade Smooth Talker which is a supposed dupe for Benefit's Sugarbomb. The blush is split into quarters with peach, lavender, coral, and pink sections. I swirl a fluffy blush brush into the center of the powder and apply this mixture to my cheeks.

 The box contains 5.7 grams of blush for only $6 which is a decent price. I wish Hard Candy was more readily available at more drugstores. But since it is only available at Walmart, the products are rarely discounted. Nonetheless, this is still an affordable product.

This is a pretty pathetic swatch of the blush but it was difficult to get a good depiction of what this blush looks like. When swatched on the fingers, the blush may look a bit chalky and dry but when swept on with a brush, the color is even and smooth. The blush does not kick up a lot of powder at all which is a huge plus since some well pigmented products do this and it makes a mess.

On my cheeks, it gives me a warm coral sheen. There are little to no shimmer in the blush but there is a slight sheen to the powder. This blush makes my skin look a bit tanner and is very natural. At first I was not sure how I felt about this product but after a few uses I would recommend this to light to medium skin tones. This may not show up very well on darker skin tones but there are several shades to choose from so there should be one for you :)

Overall, I am very impressed by these two Hard Candy products as they are the only ones I have tried. When I get a chance to go again (which probably won't be soon) I will definitely pick up some more shades and products to try given my experience with these.


  1. The Pin Up color really looks nice! (:

  2. They both look like lovely colors! I wonder if other baked blushes are also that shimmery..

  3. Agreed, Hard Candy Baked Blushes are too shimmery and Pin Up is definitely too light to use as a blush but Living Doll is perfect for dolly pink cheeks :)
    I'd recommend skipping the cream cheek duos and picking up more boxed blushes. The formula for the creams is greasy/tacky aka really gross D:

  4. both blushes look super pretty. :)

  5. mandy: From what I have seen, most baked products pack a lot of shimmer :)

    Ashley: Living Doll also looked pretty but it was very cool toned and kind of scared me. I prefer myself in warm toned hues :) Thanks for warning me about the cream blushes, I read a few bad reviews already and had no interest in them either ^^

  6. Thanks for sharing. Both blushes look similar on the swatches although pin up seem to have more sheen.

  7. They are quite similar in color but the finishes are different :) I like to use Smooth Talker on the apples of my cheeks and Pin Up on the highest points of my cheekbones as a highlight! They make an excellent combo!


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