Herbalism - A Natural Alternative for Oily Skin?

During my last visit to Lush, the guy who was helping me suggested I try their Herbalism cleanser which is targeted towards oily, problem prone skin. I had heard of Herbalism before and I was curious to try it. However, I have several cleansers lined up to finish and I didn't need another one. I politely asked for a sample to see if I would like it enough to purchase it in the future.

Although the sample seems small in the jar, I only need a pea sized amount once a day when I cleanse my face. Overall I got almost two weeks of use out of this sample which was enough to see if my skin had any reactions to the product.

Herbalism contains ground almonds and rice bran to exfoliate the skin as well as nettle, rosemary and rice vinegar which supposedly acts as an astringent. Kaolin also helps draw out impurities in the skin. The scent is very earthy and it reminds me of ginger and fresh herbs. I would urge you to smell most Lush products in stores because everyone has a different scent preference. Personally, the smell was not my favorite by any means but it was somewhat refreshing.

To use Herbalism, I splashed lukewarm water onto my face and took a pea sized chunk of the cleanser onto the palm of my hand. I added a few drops of water to the product and mashed it up to form a loose paste which I proceeded to spread over my face. I work the cleanser into my skin in circular motions which gives a light exfoliation. The scrubby bits in Herbalism are not abrasive at all but do not rub them over your eyes because they will get into your eyes and irritate them! This cleanser does not foam at all and it does not contain sulphates, parabens, or preservatives. After rinsing I felt a slight film on my skin like other reviewers on the Lush website have mentioned. This feeling does not last for very long and it did not make me break out though.

My skin did not change for the better or worse after using Herbalism and thus, I will not be repurchasing this since it can be a messy process and takes more effort to use than typical cleansers. This is great for those who are seeking a greener (metaphorically and literally) cleanser at an affordable price ($11.50 for 3.5 oz.).

I'm planning to sample the other Lush cleansers like Angels on Bare Skin, Coal Face, and Fresh Farmacy. Have you tried Lush cleansers? I'd love to read what you guys think about their skincare :)


  1. Interesting product! Although I like the idea of using greener products I don't think I'd be able to cope well with cleansing without any foaming any all >__< I have yet to ask for samples at lush. I think I should next time I go :D
    Did you do anything to get rid of the film?

  2. I don't mind that the product doesn't foam but the gritty pieces got into my eyes several times and was very irritating! The people at Lush are usually very nice about samples so just casually ask for something you're interested in. If it's skincare I'm sure they'll understand your hesitation if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. After my face dried the film feeling went away so it wasn't much of a concern afterwards.

  3. aww too bad this product didn't do much to your skin. hmmm i think i will skip this item then. Thanks for the review!

  4. I just stopped by Lush this weekend and made my first Lush purchase ever! I still can't believe it but I'm glad I did. I don't have much to say about their product at this point since I'm new.

  5. Popcorn: Some people love this product and others hate it. I'm in the middle so I'm not sure where you would fall :)

    Pang: I'm excited to see what you got! I guess I'll be expecting a Lush haul post popping up on my newsfeed soon? ^^

  6. Ooooh! I want to try this :O
    Anyway, Saw you on soompi! <3 Comment me if you want to be blog friends! ^^


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