New Goods: A Collective Haul

I have accumulated quite a bit of new beauty products over the past few weeks from a variety of brands and places. I have a few first impressions for some of the products but I will cover the others more in depth in later reviews. The things I bought were so random that I'll just show them in the order I bought them :) Onto the haul!

Origins was giving out free full size cleansers on Earth Day if you brought in an empty bottle of skincare to recycle. I believe this offer happens every Earth Day so be sure to pick up your free cleanser next year! I have used this cleanser in the past many years ago when someone gifted it to me for Christmas. I did not pay very close attention to my skin at that time so I can't properly review this yet. I still have many cleansers to finish so it will be awhile before I do a post on this Origins Checks and Balances face wash.

I was walking down Soho and a friendly man was out in the rainy street with a friendly smile and a basket of soap samples. I have been curious about Sabon products and bar soaps so of course I had to snag myself a sample!

Although the bar looks extremely small, it lathers up amazingly well and I only have to use a bit for each shower. I have used it for three showers already and I have enough to last me another :) I always see people cutting their Lush soaps into gigantic slabs for a single use so I assumed luxury bar soaps were incredibly expensive for how many uses you were getting. But this experience has me interested in trying some more bar soaps! On another note, this soap leaves my skin squeaky clean; so squeaky that I don't feel much moisture. It's still quite nice and the scent is very sophisticated. It was not labeled so I do not know what scent I picked.

I am down to the last third of my Shiseido Perfect Oil (which will probably last me at least another month or two) so I wanted to get a backup of cleansing oil. I chose the Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil. I did a quick trial run with some foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner on my arm and it took it off easily. The scent is citrus-y but I prefer the perfume scent of my Shiseido cleansing oil better. I might do a full review on this cleansing oil later when I start using it after I finish my current bottle.

I have been to a Walmart less than five times in my life because there are none close to where I live. When I went on a roadtrip last summer down the eastern coast, I was shocked at how many Walmarts and Super Walmarts I saw. My parents decided to go to Walmart the other day and I was so excited to go with them because I wanted to get my hands on some Hard Candy makeup. I picked up one of the baked blushes and one of the newer boxed blushes which are both highly raved about. I also wanted to get an eyeshadow duo but they had none in stock :( The Walmart I went to was quite poorly stocked in general but I'll think of it as a blessing in disguise because I spent less money than I wanted to :) I will be reviewing these products in a separate post soon.

I heard a lot about the Equate face wipes which are basically the Walmart branded wipes. Equate is to Walmart as Up and Up is to Target :) I am running low on my Up and Up wipes so I thought I'd try something new. The Equate wipes are a lot cheaper at less than $6 for 120 wipes where as my Up and Up wipes were about $3.50 for 25 wipes.

I also heard a lot of raves about Olay's cleansing cloths so I picked up the Equate version to see how I liked them. These wipes are dry cloths that need to be wet under the sink before use. They claim to be for normal to dry skin whereas I have combination oily skin. But I thought these would be super convenient for traveling and sleepovers so I got them as well. A box of these 60 wipes cost the same as the 120 wet wipes but both are inexpensive so no worries. I will review both of these wipes after I have tried them.

While browsing around Target, I decided to pick up the E.L.F Custom compact and Moondust single eyeshadow that I have been wanting for quite a long time. I will do a more comprehensive post on what I did with the compact later :) Rimmel blushes were on sale for $4 and I had a $2 off coupon so I picked up Pink Sorbet. I really love the Rimmel blush in Santa Rose and have been wanting to add more colors to my collection.

So now you have an idea of what some upcoming reviews will be on :) Stay tuned!


  1. great hauls!! i only have rimmel blush in santa rose as well and LOVE IT! hope the new one works out for you x

  2. So many products! I missed the Earth day event :( I have so many empty bottles too..ah next year! What a shame that the closest walmart is many cities over. I think I've only been to walmart twice or three times in my life lol


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