Some Recent Acquisitions

I picked up a few new things recently so let's cut to the chase!

This month's freebie if you have the Bath and Body Works Membership Card is a small coconut body lotion, a pocket bac, and a mini candle. I also picked up one of their relatively new Country Chic lipglosses because it was 50% off (retail is $8). This concludes the five months of freebies which the card entitles and I hope they do this promotion again! I would not pay for most of the products at Bath and Body Works but trying them out for free is fine :)

I have had this Essence of Beauty brush set on my to-buy list for a long time so I decided to get it when I got a $3 off $10 coupon from CVS. The brush set retails for $15 and some change. Normally I would wait for a sale but I just couldn't wait any longer and I needed some new brushes in my collection. I will do a more in depth review on these brushes soon!

I needed a new exfoliant for my skin and Mimsy raved about the Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion Treatment. I read a bunch of reviews and a lot of people seemed to like it. I put it on my wishlist and CVS happened to have this for 50% off! It was the last box so it was kind of beat up but I'm happy with the price. It retails from anywhere from $20-$30. CVS sells it for $32 normally but I got it for $16 with the discount. I will be reviewing this after I have used it a couple of times!

So that's all I have bought in the past week or so. I might be purchasing new skincare products in the upcoming weeks. I'm mainly going to focus on purchasing skincare and brushes because I have enough makeup at the moment. Then again, I always seem to say this and somehow end up hauling more eyeshadows.... We'll see :)


  1. nice haul..can't wait for review :)

  2. Nice haul. I'd be interested to read what you think of the Olay treatment. Yay for sales! That was a pretty big discount.

  3. Great haul, Im planning on stopping by CVS tomorrow, hopefully they'll have the Olay kit in stock.

  4. I hope the Olay works as well for you as it does for me. I'm always a little hesitant about recommending/raving about products because it builds a lot of expectations. Hopefully, the Olay lives up to some of those expectations for you :)


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