Spring/Summer 2011 Outfit Ideas: Shopping the Closet

On an average weekday, you'll probably see me wearing the same ten pieces of clothing rearranged in different ways. I am embarrassingly uncreative and "safe" when I have little time and effort to get ready. I usually wear skinny jeans, tee shirts, plain tank tops, and cardigans. Hence, my lack of fashion related posts : (

A few weeks ago I had some extra time on my hands and rummaged through my closet and put together some looks. Spring is finally starting to feel like spring and hopefully I will actually be able to wear some of these outfits :) For reference if anyone's wondering, I am about 5'5'' and I wear size 7 shoes.

Tank Top - Forever 21(<$5)
Long Dress Shirt - Gap ($40? Expensive for what I normally spend....)
Shorts - Bullhead (Pacsun) ($20?)
Shoes - Espirit (Mom's) ($?)

I've had the Gap dress shirt (dress?) since last year and I've only worn it twice. On the mannequin, it was worn by itself and tied at the waist with the cloth belt of the same pattern that it came with. However, it is way to sheer to be worn alone so I pushed it to the back of my closet. I wanted to come up with a look that was wearable and casual. Excuse the strange shoes in the picture because although I have a lot of clothing, my shoes are lacking and I do not have many pairs to choose from. If I were to wear this outfit in real life, I would opt for a pair of flip flops to match the laid back style. 

Sweater - Banana Republic ($17)
Shorts - Zara ($20)
Shoes - same as above
Necklace - American Eagle ($10?)

This outfit is more of a transition between the winter and spring because of the knit pattern of the sweater. It does have quite a few gaps in the knitting but it is not too sheer that I must have another layer underneath. The back has a drop V detailing with a ribbon to tie the top which adds a feminine touch. I am actually wearing two necklaces, but the shorter one is hidden by my hair. I really like layering long and short necklaces when I wear V-neck tops. This outfit seems a bit more sophisticated or office appropriate (if the shorts were a tad longer). At the same time I can see myself wearing this to go shopping or getting lunch with my friends.

Jacket - Banana Republic (scored this for $18!)
Shirt/Dress - Express ($15)
Shoes - H&M ($20)

I got these two pieces recently, both on discount, and I really love how the textures work together. The shirt is actually a bit too big for me because they ran out of smalls. I would not wear it as a dress because it barely covers my lower half but I would definitely pair a longer version of it with the jacket. Floral, pink tunics and a slightly green tinted black rain jacket with lots of buckles epitomizes a spring outfit for me. While taking this picture, I accidentally swung the belt buckle and the metal latch hit me on the side of my head. I'm such a klutz :(

Romper - Forever 21 (<$15)
Belt - Club Monaco (<$10)
Shoes - same as above

This is a simple outfit that I would definitely wear during the summer. I love rompers because they're excellent when you need to move around a lot and want to look cute but not bogged down with skirts or dresses. I have a few other rompers but none were patterned so I couldn't resist this cute red print for under $15. The black belt helps separate the body and make the legs look longer. This belt was featured in one of my outfits when I first started blogging. You can see it more clearly HERE.

Digging through my closet and putting together outfits really helps me remember what I have as well as what I don't have (shoes! bags! belts! accessories in general!). Before I was interested in makeup and beauty, I was actually more intrigued by clothing and the like. I still love fashion but I don't think I dress particularly "blog worthy" on a daily basis. Let me know if you like these posts and if you would like me to do more fashion related posts :)


  1. oh finally a OOTD :) joyce must be very happy !
    The first outfit is something I would wear to school often; I love wearing big, baggy shirts to school w/o a care. Very comfortable when sitting in class all day.
    I like your shoes from H&M ! :)

  2. awwww i love OOTD. i don't think i'll ever post them though as i'm super lazy haha but love your choice on how to pair outfits together xx

  3. I love outfit posts! I know what you mean by not feeling like your clothes are 'blog worthy' but honestly I wish I could see more of that. Because most fashion blogs feature fashion that's a little quirky and a little different, but instead of inspiring me to mix up my current clothing it just makes me want to buy more clothing! So I definitely encourage more outfit posts please :).

    I love that romper and that Banana Republic sweater. I'd wear them together! Those prices are a steal too, I live in Australia and clothing prices here aren't as cheap as the US. $30 is considered a cheapie item of clothing and as low as you can go, although you can usually find some super low quality basics for about $10.

    By the way i'm 'onedessertplease' from the previous post but today OpenID is playing up on me :).

  4. Serinny: Lol, I didn't know Joyce still checked my blog :) I can definitely imagine myself wearing the first outfit for school with flip flops. The shoes from H&M are cute but not the most comfortable so I've only worn them one time....

    christine: I like seeing other people's OOTDs but I don't have a chance to snap a picture of what I wear everyday. It's usually the same kind of outfit everyday anyway so nothing much to see. Hopefully when finals are over I'll have more time and outfits to share!

    Tiff: First off, I gotta say I love reading super long comments :D I agree with you on that a lot of the popular fashion blogs have very interesting, edgy looks but are just not ones that I would sport on a regular basis. It does help that I live in NYC so it's not hard to find actual people who dress like that. I'll try to do more outfit posts since you find them helpful!

    I heard that Australian prices for makeup and beauty items are also outrageously high. :/ It's surprisingly easy to be a thrifty and budget spender in New York City if you know where to look :)

  5. You put together some really nice outfits gurl! I love everything! You pose like a model too.

  6. Argh, blogger deleted my comment :(

    Serinny: Yup, I would wear the first outfit for a day of class with flipflops :)

    christine: I know what you mean by the laziness. It's hard for me to get a good picture sometimes because of the lighting and whatnot >.<

    Tiff: I'll try to do more OOTDs in the future. I feel intimidated at times because of all the great fashion bloggers out there who are super creative. I try to have a mix of options in my closet so I feel comfortable, polished, and sometimes fashion forward.


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