11 Most Reached For Products

Here's another video showing you guys my 11 most reached for products. These may or may not be my favorite products but I find myself using these products a lot. These are generally "safe" products that I always go back to when I'm not feeling creative. All products mentioned are listed in the downbar on Youtube so please watch on the actual site :) Enjoy!

I have been recording with my MacbookPro because I'm still working on converting files from a digital camera. Thus, the quality is quite bad :( Hopefully my videos are still watchable! Also, my walls of my room are pink so everything looks very red and purple (including me... eek!). I also recorded another video (to be posted in a few days) with the same conditions so hopefully the quality will be better by the fourth video!


  1. Another video!! :D
    I really liked my elf powder brush too before it started to have the 'wet dog' smell after I washed it. Still need to figure out a way to deodorize it =T Have you had a similar problem with any of your brushes before?

  2. I hope you guys are liking these videos :)
    My E.L.F brushes smell weird sometimes but not like a wet dog haha. I try to counteract the smell by washing the brushes with scented hand soap. It's probably not the best thing to wash your brushes with but I find it basically cleans as well. You can use scented shampoos and stuff to wash your brushes too! I like to use conditioner on some of my brushes once in awhile )like once every four washes) to help them feel softer and the scents tends to linger that way.

  3. yay yay finally you are doing videos :) hehehe love the videos so far!! keep up the beautiful work :D


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