An Affordable, At-Home Microdermabrasion

Here's a look at the latest addition to my skincare routine, Olay's Microdermabrasion and Peel System. This system is part of Olay's Regenerist line which concentrates on anti-aging. This product is supposed to be the drugstore alternative to pricey microdermabrasion treatments which can cost hundreds of dollars. This treatment is a two step process which can be used up to twice a week. This set retails anywhere from around $20 to over $30 which is quite pricey for a drugstore set (I got mine for $16 at CVS when they had it for 50% off). As a side note, this product seems to be very similar to Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel set which costs $65 for the same amount of product.

The instructions are clearly written on the back of the containers (click on the images to view the largest size as usual). The micro crystals in the tub are super fine and small which I like because I feel that they do a great job at polishing my skin. I think this could be a bit harsh for people with very thin and sensitive skin. I do not rub this on my skin for a minute because that is too much for my skin. The peel activator serum instantly seems to melt the crystals on contact and it releases conditioners which make my skin feel soft soft and smooth. One of my biggest gripes with the product is that I use only the tiniest bit of the scrub for my entire face so I think I will run out of the serum before the crystals. I would have preferred a larger bottle of the serum or less of the scrub.

The scrub is sealed on the inside to keep it fresh (I suppose). The scrub looks a lot like orange sorbet and smells citrus-y. The peel does not seem to have a scent to it. You can see that there is a whopping amount of the scrub in the jar and I only use a nickel sized amount per use. I can see this lasting me well over a year.

You can see that the texture of the scrub doesn't look much like a scrub at all. But that's because the crystals are so minuscule and fine. Once you apply it to your face, you will definitely feel the particles. The peel is just a viscous liquid which turns white when you combine it with the scrub. The packaging claims that foam will appear but don't expect the dense foam from a regular cleanser.

After rinsing, my skin feels very smooth and supple. I can't say much about the anti-aging effects since I'm pretty young. I feel that this product sloughs away the dead skin cells very effectively and I enjoy using this prior to my night time skincare routine so that my products absorb more effectively. If you can get this for under $25, I think this is a great exfoliator for most skin types (aside from super sensitive). If you're like me and don't think that regular bead exfoliators are enough for your skin, definitely give this a go!

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  1. great post, this sounds interesting! will have to see if i can find this in stores. and i'm subscribing to your youtube~ i'm swe3tlkh0ney :)

  2. Great review! :) I've got to find more affordable ways like this :)

  3. Thanks christine! :)

    Rainy Days: I try to find good quality items with reasonable price tags but I sometimes splurge on good skincare :)

  4. This product sounds interesting. I'm thinking about getting it for my mom first and let her try and see if it helps her.

  5. I have used many olay facial products including actual pricey products and this is one of my favorites. It makes my skin feel bendable and comfortable admitting added products I've used either fabricated my skin feel dry or no difference.



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