Another Sally Hansen XtremeWear

To be honest I don't have an expansive nail polish collection and most of the ones I own are drugstore polishes. Recently picked up another shade from my favorite drugstore nail polish line with my extrabucks from CVS (join their beauty program and get $5 in extrabucks for every $50 you spend on beauty related items). The polish retails for about $3 and I picked this up along with a Revlon highlighting powder which was 75% off. I snagged both items for about $2 :)

Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet is a perfect drugstore option for those seeking a mint green varnish. It has a cream finish but I topped it off with a clear polish with green shimmers. The XtremeWear polishes last super long and I can get away with wearing them for abut a week without major chipping. The above picture was actually taken four days after applying the polish!

What's your favorite summer nail polish? :D


  1. You always find such good discounts! Jealous =P
    The shimmers make it look so pretty!! I think I should try one of the xtremewear polishes. I don't think any of my polishes (mostly opis and essies) have ever lasted me a whole week.

  2. I have six of the XtremeWear polishes so far :) I love the huge shade range and they come out with LE collections from time to time. I've never tried OPI and only own two Essie polishes which I'm not a huge fan of. They're decent but I definitely have to think twice before purchasing. I am careful not to buy too many nail polishes because they last so long and they do eventually expire like all other beauty products.


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