Craving Some Sun

A strange thing happened these past few weeks: I wanted to go outside and soak up some sun. For as long as I remember I would always cower under a beach umbrella and my close friends will know how adamant I am about applying sunscreen. I have never gotten a sunburn even in my carefree childhood days when I would spend entire afternoons playing outdoors. I tan easily and even one day out in the sun can drastically change my appearance. Nonetheless something came over me and I had a strong desire to go to the beach and tan my winter pallor away.

I easily convinced my boyfriend to take the hour and a half trip to Coney Island, a place I haven't been since I was two years old. We lunched at the original Nathan's where they have the hot dog eating contest every fourth of July.

I had the plain hot dog (I rarely use sauces or condiments on my food and I hate ketchup.) and my boyfriend had the chili dog. The meat was a bit on the salty side but it was juicy and the casing had just the right amount of elasticity. The fries were edible but not amazing by any means.

I brought along the Supergoop! sunscreen wipe from the Sephora Sun Safety Sit (more pictures of that HERE) as I thought it'd be great for touching up my sunscreen. Good thing I brought a bottle of sunscreen because this wipe was extremely disappointing. The wipe was about the same size as a makeup remover wipe and was slightly damp with thick, white lotion. The wipe was way too dry to do much of anything and the lotion was thick and hard to smooth over the skin.

Although the sun was hidden by clouds for most of the afternoon, spending the first day of summer at the beach felt right. I didn't get much of a summer glow (which is a work in progress anyway) but relaxing by the seashore wasn't too shabby either. 

How did you spend the first day of summer? Do you like to tan or are you paranoid of skin cancer like me? :P Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh wow it seem like a fun...Honestly I do love the sun, I can't help it I'm a summer baby. But this summer I have been getting so freaking dark. Ugh. I have to walk to work and I exercise every single day outside. So I have this major tan line and its only June. I wonder what I will look like by September....I was wondering do you have anything that you would recommend to even out the skin and lighten it up to more of my natural skin color? I'm already tan. lol. But now I'm getting so dark.

  2. the last time i went to coney island was last july 4! i tan easily too and i've had my share of sunburns =X but i'm deciding to stay out of the sun as much as possible not because of skin cancer but because my strange tans that i get because of my clothing lines take FOREVER to go away =X

    nathan's sounds like a great place to try. but the food down there always seems so expensive! i guess once in a while isn't too bad.

    ah i was wondering about the sunscreen wipes. they sounded a bit gimmicky! stick to good old sunscreen FTW :D

  3. I Hope: Haha, I get the same way in the summer, strange tan lines and very dark skin. I don't use any products to help lighten my skin because I naturally turn paler in the winter (it takes time though). I guess the obvious way would be to try and stay out of the sun as much as possible and to apply sunblock liberally.

    mandy: I actually think tan lines can be quite cute. In my mind, tan lines and vacations kind of go hand in hand so I guess that's why I don't mind them. I usually get tank top tan lines and a very apparent flip flop tan.

    The plain hot dog was $3 which is only a dollar more than the hot dogs you get at the street vendors in Manhattan. I don't think there's anything really expensive in terms of food there since it is the beach and people usually opt for junk food XD

  4. Unfortunately its winter here in Australia, so lucky for us, the sun hasn't been raging down compared to summer. Summer in Aus is unbelievably hot. I guess I'm like you - equally paranoid about skin cancer. Though most of the time, I'm just covered in a long-sleeved top which is rather strange but that's just me. But my friends think I'm weird and they feel hot just looking at me! Haha.

    Totally changing the topic here - that hotdog looks seriously GOOD. Actually I haven't had a real chilli dog before. This, just makes me crave it even more. >.<

  5. I read that Aussies are really adamant about their SPF and whatnot because skin cancer is so prevalent over there. I don't think I can handle being in long sleeves in the winter though. I like my shorts and tanktops! On the topic of food, I don't really like chili so I didn't like I was missing much XD Hopefully I'll have more droolworthy pictures when I come back from my trip!


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