Flash Review: Hard Candy Duo in High Maintenance

If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel, you might have already heard about this eyeshadow duo as I uploaded the video review a few days ago :)

After hearing many raves about this eyeshadow duo from Hard Candy, I just had to have it! High Maintenance is a champagne and dark red toned brown duo which is right up my alley. The pigmentation is nice and while the colors sheer out a bit on the eyes, they can be built up. The beautiful shimmery, almost metallic, finish is gorgeous. You can check out the video for swatches as well.

*This is a scheduled post as I am currently on vacation. I will answer any comments or questions if I find internet or when I return!


  1. Wow, it looks soooo pigmented and pretty!

  2. How pretty! It looks a lot more pigmentated that I imagined. Makes me wanna buy it now :p

  3. i got this in a swap and have found it really sheer when trying to swatch with my fingers, I must give it a go on my eyes though it seems so pretty and your pictures have inspired me to look at it again!

  4. I have an Accessorize eyeshadow duo which is called High Maintenance as well, but it's more of a cool toned duo, the brown shade is more like a taupe. Thanks for sharing! x

  5. Pang: Ah, how we fuel other blogger's buying tendancies XD

    A Certain Vintage: That's strange because on my fingers the swatches aren't very sheer. On my eyes the color is less pigmented but I usually go back with a few layers.

    Rocaille: Ah, I've never heard of the brand Accessorize but I love taupes~! I think I have a few things in my collection with the same name but totally different shades too.


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