Lush Skincare Routine Review for Oily Girls and Boys

I recently tried out samples of some Lush skincare products to see if my oily, acne prone skin would improve from their more natural ingredients. I chose the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Vanishing Cream moisturizer, and Grease Lightning spot treatment. I already own Lush's Tea Tree Water so I didn't need a sample of that. The cleanser and moisturizer lasted me the past week and I expect the spot treatment to last another week. I can't give a entirely comprehensive review since the samples only lasted me a few days. So take the following reviews as my first impressions of these products.

Angels on Bare Skin is suitable for all skin types and I was interested in trying it because it contains soothing lavender. Many people like this cleanser and claim that it saved their skin. This is very similar to Herbalism which I reviewed HERE. I also explain how to use these "roll" cleansers in the Herbalism review. Both cleansers have the same base ingredients which are ground almonds, kaolin, and glycerin. I felt that Angels had a creamier texture which I enjoyed more. I like using this in the morning to freshen up my skin. You only need a tiny amount of the product for each cleanse and this small sample lasted me about two washes per day for a week (~14 washes).

Angels made my skin feel quite moisturized while still lightly exfoliating my dead skin cells away. Like Herbalism, it leaves a slight film on the skin after rinsing but it seems to disappear when your skin is dry. It's a decent cleanser but it didn't give me that super clean feeling that I want at the end of the day after taking off my makeup with cleansing oil. If you don't wear makeup, you might enjoy this cleanser but for someone like me, I prefer a foaming wash.

Vanishing Cream is a "low fat moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin" and the sales associate claimed it saved her skin. The ingredients list is filled to the brim with good-for-your-skin ingredients like linseed infusion, rose water, lemon honey water, organic grapeseed oil, honey, organic jojoba oil, witch hazel, shea butter, and more. Even though there are some oils and butters in the product, it feels light and nice on the skin. I spritz a generous amount of Tea Tree Water on my skin and apply a tiny amount of Vanishing Cream onto my damp skin. I find applying moisturizer to damp skin helps it sink in better.

I really liked this moisturizer because it moisturized my skin without making me more oily. However, it does not come cheap at $37.95 for 1.5 ounces. I don't know if I would purchase this because of the somewhat hefty price tag but I'll keep it at the bottom of my wishlist.

Lastly we have Grease Lightning which is a spot treatment which you can apply onto your angry spots as soon as you see them. I normally use a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel as a spot treatment but it can be drying and irritating sometimes. Grease Lightning is made of natural ingredients such as thyme, rosemary and tea tree infusion, organic aloe vera extract, sea water, grape juice, lavender oil, and witch hazel. The spot treatment is a very runny, watery gel that goes on the skin evenly and absorbs quickly. It does not leave a trace of residue once it dries unlike some other spot treatments I have used.

I really love this product because it is gentle yet effective. While my zits and pimples are not zapped away in a night, they are soothed to a noticeable extent. This product helps my skin heal quicker and I will be sure to purchase the full size once I finish my benzoyl peroxide treatment. The full size product is only $10.95 for 1.5 ounces which is very reasonable. I recommend this product to those with sensitive, acne prone skin.

All in all, I enjoyed trying these products out and even though I changed many key products in my skincare routine in an instant, my skin did not react badly. These products would be great for those with oily skin and who want more natural ingredients, wear little to no makeup, and are willing to spend a bit more on quality products.


  1. wow the vanishing cream is that expensive??
    i soo regret i didnt pick up herbalism when i was in Hongkong, we dont have lush over here!:(

  2. i bought vanishing cream, but i didn't really like it all that much. i prefer my clinique moisturizing gel and the grease lightening is good too, but i find i can only use it when i feel a spot coming on, whereas when there is a spot, it doesnt do much for it, well for me anyways :/ but bare angels is amazing!!

  3. eve: I think I prefer Angels over Herbalism even though I have oily skin. I think you can always order Lush online!

    christine: I have not tried the moisturizing gel but I've been using the lotion for awhile since the bottle is so big. I find that the clinique moisturizers have nothing beneficial in terms of ingredients for my skin :/ I get what you mean where if there's already a spot, it's too late. I still apply Grease Lightning on my formed spots to calm them down though :)

  4. Very nice! I've yet to try some LUSH products. The moisturizer and spot treatment sound very promising!

  5. I've just started using Lush and so far, I'm pretty happy with the stuff that I used. I really like the Angel face cleanser, I've been using it for about a month or so.


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