New Plays Things from the CCO and Walmart

I go to an outlet about twice a year so I'm always excited to go to a CCO. I was going to eventually try the Mac MSF Natural given the vast majority of positive reviews it has. So I picked one up in Medium Plus for $19 rather than the $27 retail. I also picked up my first Mac lipgloss in the cremesheen glass formula in Fashion Whim, another permanent item. It costs $13 at the outlet and $18.50 retail price. The MSF is in my backup stash since I want to use up my powder before opening a new one and I'll do a separate post on the lipgloss (so far it's LOVE!). I somewhat regret only purchasing only one lipgloss but I'm proud of my self restraint!

Also dropped by Walmart on the way home and I grabbed an HD Angled Blush Brush from the Walmart exclusives Paris Presents line. I've heard great things about these brushes and so far, I love it! Paris Presents is the company that makes the awesome EcoTools brushes. I also picked up a Hard Candy Eyeshadow Duo in High Maintenance because Youtuber Amarixe loves this shade :)

Ok, really.... I need to go on a makeup diet! My only excuse for these purchases was that they were somewhat inexpensive and I hardly get to go to a CCO or Walmart. I went to Walmart a couple of weeks ago but in general I rarely go there. I'm happy with my purchases but I think I'm ready to stop spending so much on makeup for now.... Skincare is a different story though :P


  1. Goodluck with the makeup diet. It's really hard! I decided to refrain from buying anything from sephora for 6 months and it's like-impossible!

  2. I can't do a make up diet but a skincare diet is a can. I'm slowly but surely finishing all my deluxe sample sizes and full size creams that I opened in January. I can't wait to do a Finished Products post - it will feel so rewarding :D

  3. I love the prices at cco but the last time I went to one I didn't end up buying anything!! I kinda regret not getting something haha

  4. Do you go to the woodbury outlet? I haven't been there in 2 years! The last time I went I was only a little interested in MU and skincare so I didn't give the CCO a good look. If I go back next time I'd definitely want to purchase some things =D I've been wanting to try the cremesheen glasses! Is it similar to the revlon lipgloss

  5. Yomi Uba: I don't buy from Sephora too often but I tend to buy a few things each week from drugstores which amounts to a lot :X

    Ashley: Ah, I love the feeling when you're scraping the bottom of the jar and using all your might to squeeze out the last bit of product from the tube!

    MEOW: The last time I went to one I also didn't buy anything. The selection varies but sometimes you get lucky :)

    mandy: I went to Woodbury in my last outlet post but this time I went to Tanger at Riverhead. I didn't get anything at Woodbury because the selection sucked but Tanger this time around was decent. The SA's were pretty snobby and did not care to give me the time of day though which kind of irked me :/ Yes, the formulation is quite similar to the revlon super lustrous lipglosses :)

  6. Ive been highly obsessed with MSF's lately. Im so jealous you were able to pick one up at your CCO. I was at a CCO recently and it sucked. I was so dissapointed. OH well, i guess its either hit or miss.

  7. girl i understand your explanation about your makeup diet!i TRIED to do that too but i always fai!i always have reason to shop, and im sure u will too!
    haha im so mean!
    well not joking, seriously, we always fail!

  8. yay love mac msfn :) im on my third compact already and we're in the same shade :) hope you love it xx

  9. Mara: I wanted to pick up a regular MSF but they didn't seem to have any :( The first time I went to a CCO they had at least five.... But I didn't buy any :(

    Eve: I tried doing a Project 10 Pan and failed miserably at that! But I think as time goes on I'm becoming a bit more responsible and appreciative of what I have :) At least we try!

    christine: I hope I love it too! I'm kinda scared because I know quite a few people have broken out from the MSF Natural :/ I have acne prone skin but I think I handle most cosmetics well.... *keeps fingers crossed*

  10. Great purchases! You gonna love that MSF. I bought a back up last time I was at the CCO and I normally hardly ever buy back ups.


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