Pocketful of Sunshine

It seems like only yesterday I was draped in several layers of wool and fur (faux, of course) to combat the icy cold New York City winter. After a difficult spring semester what better way to celebrate the gorgeous, balmy 80 degree weather other than a day at Central Park?

Even though summer has not officially started, the scorching sun and unrelenting humidity were enough to lure bikini-clad New Yorkers onto the Great Lawn. My friends and I strolled through the park looking for scenic views worthy for a photo-op. The above pictures were taken by my good friend while I took the liberty of brushing them up on Photoshop as usual. Our well intentioned photo shoot was somewhat underwhelming but it was a fun day nonetheless!

Of course I had to snap a couple of pictures for myself. My favorite views from the park are always of the distant skyscrapers which always seem both distant and close all at once.

Despite having been to the park many times over the years, there are many nooks and crannies still waiting for me to uncover. I love this little gazebo we passed by. It's the perfect place for a rest stop!

To be honest, nothing beauty related felt worthy enough for me to blog about today. I personally enjoy the occasional post about food and travel on other blogs so I try to do some of those in my own. I have quite a bit of free time this summer so I think you'll be seeing a few more random posts on just what I've been up to throughout the next few months!


  1. it looks beautiful~! i love nyc

  2. love your photos =D
    i haven't explored the city enough. i hope that going to school in the city coming fall will let me do that more!
    the weather has been so different...the sudden change makes me feel so unprepared >__< what ever happened to the gradual weather changes?

  3. beautiful pictures! :D i think it's nice to take a break from beauty blogging from time to time. :) thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!

  4. mandy: That's great :) I've definitely improved my understanding of the subway system and where things are after going to school in the city. I think being busy at school distracts you from noticing the gradual weather changes XD


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