What's In My Travel Skincare Bag?

I always enjoy seeing what others bring with them when they travel. It can be tricky business to pack enough while being mindful of how much luggage space you actually have. When I go on trips, I take the opportunity to use up all the minis and samples I have accumulated. I decant bigger bottles of things like cleansing oils, masks, and scrubs into empty travel sized bottles. I save empty bottles of travel sized products for this purpose. Reuse, reduce, and recycle people!

 Here's a peak at the samples I'm taking with me for all my hair care and body moisturizing needs! I gather many, many samples and save them all up for times like these.

Do you look forward to packing for trips like I do? Or detest it and put it off til the night before? Do you tend to overpack or underpack? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I save my samples too, they come in handy. But most of all I just put all my toiletries in small jars and bottles :)

  2. That's a lot of moisturizer samples!
    I don't travel often enough so instead of accumulating all my samples I'll use them whenever I'm bored with my current moisturizer/face wash/primer.
    When I do travel I'll simply buy a whole new set of products wherever I may vacationing at :P

  3. i love samples ^^
    and as for the kiehl's midnight recovery. i have oily skin.. so you can always start it for 3 days a week to start off and then work it into your skin more. it absorbs really quickly for an oil and really has helped reduced the oiliness in my skin aswell! they have samples at the kiehl's store so maybe you can get one before you splash out for the full size ;)

  4. Rocaille: Yup, I like to mix and match :) It all depends on what I have on hand.

    Ashley: I actually have even more moisturizer samples not in this picture haha. I don't travel often either and sometimes I will use a sample just to try it out and see what I think. I don't usually like to buy a whole new set of products because I don't know if I'll like the products and it usually isn't much of a bargain when you buy travel sized items :)

    christine: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I'm very intrigued about that product now and will definitely keep it in mind when I drop by Kiehl's!

  5. I save a ton of samples too! They really come in handy when travelling :)

  6. I hate packing and I tend to overpack, lol. The samples are perfect for traveling although I prefer to stick to my usual daily skincare.


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