Another Round of Empties!

 Another month, another pile of used up products. As usual, skincare goods reign supreme. Let's get on with the exit reviews!

The Body Shop Seaweed Night Treatment - I have already reviewed this product HERE so please refer to that post for my full thoughts. I finished this small tube up at the beginning of the month but I have a second one which I showed in what I will be bringing on vacation. I have no intentions to repurchase this as it does nothing much for my skin.

L'occitane Lavender Hand Cream - I purchased this mini one ounce tube (perfect hand bag size in my opinion) in a set of three during the 2009 holidays. I gave one of them away but have used up two of these already. I like the light, non-sticky texture of the cream. It moisturizes my chapped hands and fingers well but the price is somewhat high at $10 if you bought each separately. I will not be repurchasing this soon because I have some other hand creams people have gifted to me.

Soft Lips Vanilla Lipbalm - I have gone through a few of these lip balms already and they still remain my HG (holy grail) lipbalm. I have backups of these and will continue to repurchase. 'Nuff said :)

Estee Lauder More Than Mascara Mascara - I still have some product left in this sample tube but I have been using this for about six months. I toss my mascaras out after six months because the bacteria builds up in the formula and my sensitive eyes are prone to infections. This was nothing special as it did not give much length or volume to my upper lashes. I enjoyed using this for my lower lashes because the tapered tip allowed me to coat each lash with product. I would not purchase a mascara solely for doing my lower lashes though.

Soft Lips Pure Lipgloss SPF 15 in Natural Honesty - As you can see I did not finish this product, not even close. I received this from some sort of magazine giveaway (but accidentally signed up for the magazine as well). This product is horrible. I do not know if it's only the one I received but the product is thick and goopy. The gloss applies on my lips unevenly and the scent is overwhelming. I never wore this product outside and only tested it out once or twice at home. I will not keep a useless product I dislike in my collection so this went into the trash.

I have quite a few products that seem to be on their last leg so hopefully I'll have more full sized items next month to show you all! I plan on doing a video for next month's empties but we shall see.

*This is a scheduled post as I am currently on vacation. I will answer any comments or questions if I find internet or when I return!


  1. Nice empties! I should do an empties post too -- they've been piling up! I really do need to try Softlips soon (I've on heard good things about it), but I have too many lip balms already!

    Have fun on your vacation! :)


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