Birthday Dinner in the City

For my boyfriend's birthday dinner I browsed Yelp for a somewhat reasonably priced restaurant and I found Becco. We did not make a reservation for out party of five but had little trouble getting a table when we arrived around 7:30. There is not much space in the restaurant but they somehow managed to cram a table and seat into every single inch of the building. There was even a table in the foyer area which I'm not sure if they use....

The reason I suggested Becco's was because they have a special deal where you get an appetizer and unlimited helpings of the three daily pastas for only $23. Not too shabby for dinner in the city. The three pastas that we had were ravioli, rotini, and egg noodles with bolognese sauce. My favorite was the rotini with broccoli which my girl friend, M, also liked. The boys loved the ravioli and none of us really favored the egg noodles. I can imagine this deal being hit or miss depending on what kind of pastas you like and how much of it you can eat, I could not even finish one plate of pasta and I only really enjoyed one of the dishes.

The restaurant was packed and thus somewhat noisy at times. I also felt somewhat out of place because the majority of customers were older and the only people who were "of color" were the waiters.

After our carbohydrate dominated dinner, we decided to walk off the starch by heading to the tourist center of the city. Times Square is one of my favorite places to be at night because no matter how many times I go, it never gets boring. The Forever 21 store has a giant screen which acts like a webcam. You would be surprised at how many people stand there for awhile just to find themselves and wave... to themselves.

Of course I had to snap a picture of the birthday boy and myself. All the lights from the buildings actually made us look purple but I edited the colors so we would look more like our regular, non-purple selves. But now we look a bit on the green side :( Oh well. On a beauty related side note, I will be forever jealous of the boy's acne-free skin even though he does nothing to take care of it!

On another side note, I'm finally learning how to smile with teeth! I rarely used to smile with my mouth open because my teeth are slightly crooked. The crookedness is slight so I don't want to spend a few thousand dollars on braces and my dentists never recommended me to get them anyway. M has such pretty teeth and they put my mine to shame! Nonetheless I think we both look glowy and healthy here. Or is that just the neon lights reflecting off our faces? :)

*This is a scheduled post but I have just returned from my vacation so I will be posting in real time very soon. I really missed blogging and reading other people's blogs and I only had internet access about three or four times over the past two weeks. You can expect some more non-beauty related blabble about my trip in the upcoming posts. I went to a bunch of different places and I think the best way to share will be in multiple parts. I think the best way for me to do it will be a trip post followed by a beauty post and so on :)


  1. i think you look very pretty when you smile and show your teeth! :)

    belated happy birthday to your bf! =)

  2. aww cute photos!

    about the kiehl's midnight recovery. its a serum that really sinks into the skin quickly so definitely after toner and before moisturizer :)

  3. Thanks sugar sugar!

    Thankyou christine and I'll definitely look into that product because of your review!! :)

  4. You have a cute smile! You seriously don't need braces. I used to hate smiling but my teeth were very crooked, I paid for the braces. It was expensive but worth it. I love my smile now. Anyways, you and your bf make such a cute couple ^^

  5. Thanks Pang! I seriously think the angle is making my teeth look a little better than they usually look haha. You have beautiful teeth and it's totally worth it if you're happy with them :D


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