A Body Scrub Good Enough To Eat

I'm always on the look out for a easy, inexpensive way to pamper myself and homemade beauty concoctions definitely hit the spot. As much as I love Lush's Sugar Babe (reviewed HERE) I try not to frequent the shops too often because I simply can't afford it. The primary ingredient in my beloved Sugar Babe is simply sugar. I have sugar in my kitchen pantry.... I also happen to have oatmeal and honey which happen to be soothing for skin.

I mixed a few tablespoons of brown and regular sugar together, threw in a handful of oats, and dripped a few drops of honey into a small container. The mix looked a lot like a dry cookie dough base and it was still something I could eat. 

To further combine the ingredients I added a a teaspoonful or two of tap water (I really just eyeballed everything to my liking) and stirred gently. I got two uses out of my homemade scrub which I simply slathered onto my entire body as the last step of my shower. The scent was delicious while the undissolved sugar particles and oatmeal provided a gentle exfoliation. Be warned that if you use oats they will probably clog your drain. Although my scrub can't beat Sugar Babe (I think I added too many oats and weakened the scrubbing abilities of the sugars) it was a fun experiment. 

You can literally do this with almost anything in your kitchen such as sea salt or fresh, detoxifying herbs. I encourage you guys to try making your own scrubs and tell me what you used in your recipes!

*This is a scheduled post as I am currently on vacation. I will answer any comments or questions if I find internet or when I return!


  1. Sounds interesting! A lot of people have been recommending using oats for cleansing and such lately. I think I'll try this when my drain isn't so clogged lol Don't want to make it worse than it already is xD

    Have/Hope you had a great vacation ^__^


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