Everyday Natural Summer Makeup Tutorial

I finally got around to filming a video! I thought I would do my tutorials differently from now on by starting off with no makeup instead of filming an introduction and all that. I did this same exact makeup look the other day and I think it's going to be my go to summer look if I'm not feeling creative.

This tutorial is super easy and I think everyone can follow along with ease. All products are listed in the description box on the Youtube page.

This look is what I would call a "my face but better" look because it just slightly enhances my skin, eyes, and lips.

This is a really nice look for many occasions when you don't want to look overdone yet polished. Hope this was helpful! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions! I plan on doing a more vibrant tutorial soon :)


  1. very natural! :) i love it. it just brings out your features. =)

  2. As much as I love a smokey look, a natural and soft look like this always is more flattering. I always enjoy watching your tutorials.

  3. sugar sugar: Thanks!

    Mara: I don't do smokey looks nearly as much as natural ones but I love myself a smokey eye once in awhile. It makes me so happy that you enjoy watching my tutorials because I love your eotd posts :D


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