A Peak Inside my Suitcase

Whenever I pack I try to mix and match a few outfits in my head and bring only things I know I will wear. I bring pieces that I can interchange with others so I'll never have to repeat a look during the trip.

As I was filling up my suitcase with my wardrobe for my two week trip (which I'm currently on!) I thought it'd be a good idea to snap up some pictures. On the left you see the first layer of clothing minus a pair of jeans at the itty bitty bottom. A few minutes later and lots of rummaging through my closet I have half of the second layer filled. I ended up filling the rest of the space with under garments, shoes, swim suits, socks, and other miscellaneous necessities. I will be taking pictures of my outfits throughout my trip and compile them into a post when I return.

The jewelry I am taking with me consists of some of my favorite dainty pieces which match with almost everything in my closet. I only brought one long necklace chain because I can use it with both the turquoise pendant as well as my watch charm. The Tiffany & Co. pouch holds the Tiffany X Elsa Peretti Mini Teardrop Pendant which I wear almost everyday. You can see a picture of that HERE. All my little trinkets are safely house in a sturdy Juicy Couture box that an old coin purse came in. On the plane ride pearl studs and a simple necklace will do.

How do you decide what to pack when you go on a trip? Do you take your favorite pieces or try to experiment with clothing you want to wear more often?

*This is a scheduled post as I am currently on vacation. I will answer any comments or questions if I find internet or when I return!


  1. i tend to always pack my favorite pieces but when i went to florida, i had to get new things as it was winter in canada haha!
    hope your having a good time xo

  2. When I went on my trip, I tried hard to keep my stuff to a minimum. It is hard to decide what to bring sometimes! Thanks for sharing your suit case haha


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