Summer 2011 Trippin' Pt. 3: Seattle

This is the third post regarding my semi-recent vacation. You can read all about my time in San Francisco and Northern Cali/Oregon HERE and HERE respectively. My third stop was Seattle, Washington which was actually one of my favorite places out of the whole trip!

Of course my family and I had to visit Pike Place Market like all the other tourists. The streets were packed and the noise, crowds, and overall atmosphere reminded me of New York a lot. Locals seem to love to show off their pooches in this neighborhood and I saw dogs of all sizes and shapes. My favorite pup was definitely "Juneau" who is a two year old Alaskan Malamute. The owner let everyone pet Juneau and take pictures with him as well. If you're in the area, keep an eye out for him!

Pike Place might seem familiar to those of you who have never been to Seattle because this is where the first Starbucks was opened! Right off the bat I will say that I rarely drink Starbucks because I find the prices exorbitant and water is much healthier. But I figured what the heck and just gave into my touristy needs. I ordered a tall (small) Caramel Frappuccino which is the only drink I ever get from them.

For lunch, our group of eighteen dined at The Crab Pot which calls their specialties "Seafeasts". The Seafeasts are basically large piles of steamed seafood which are dumped right onto your table. You pick apart the crabs, clams, corn, potatoes, shrimps, and whatever else you order with your fingers (mallets and forks are provided as well) and eat it straight off the table. I love seafood and I don't mind eating like this with close friends and family. If you're with close company, love seafood, and don't mind getting a bit messy, I highly recommend this place!

On our way out of Seattle and into Canada, we stopped by a dam where you can see salmon swim upstream to re-spawn. You can literally see the poor fish struggle through the strong current to finish their life cycle. This is a pretty interesting detour if you're in the area. The dam is also surrounded by a small park which people walk dogs and have picnics.

Overall Seattle reminded me quite a bit of the Big Apple with its modern architecture and busy streets. The roads here were also very hilly like in San Francisco. If I had the time and money perhaps I'll revisit Seattle and see what else the city has to offer. Part 4 of my adventure will feature Vancouver, BC Canada. This was my first time on Canadian soil and to tell you the least I was pretty surprised by what I found. Stay tuned :)

P.S. Lately I've been noticing a decline in page views on my blog and fewer comments as well. I'm worried that what I've been blogging about is useless and uninteresting to you all. If it is, please let me know! I'm here to be entertaining and informative so it would be great if you guys could give me feedback about what you like to see and what you think I should do differently (if anything). Also, as I rewatch my Youtube videos, I realize how stiff, unnatural and BORING I am. I am truly sorry for putting you guys through that! I will guarantee that you will see how excited and happy I am when blabbing about beauty and fashion related things in my future videos which is how I normally am in real life (it's still somewhat new for me to talk to my camera and be extremely happy haha). Once again, please help me improve my blog and Youtube channel by giving me feedback and hopefully I can help you in return :D


  1. Hey lovely, glad that you liked our good old Emerald City! I lived in Vancouver as well, can't wait to see your reaction :) And don't worry about the decline in page views, it just happens sometimes; keep up the good work and don't worry about the numbers x

  2. I love Seattle. I'm so glad I live close by so I can visit once or twice a year.
    I can't wait to hear your (good) word on Vancouver.

  3. Rocaille: I had no idea Seattle is called Emerald City :) Well, now I know! I'm taking the decline in page views as more motivation to keep blogging and doing what I do because I like it :D Thanks for the reassurance! I really appreciate it!

    Ashley: I hope to visit Seattle again someday :) I don't have many pictures of Vancouver and we only spent a day there but my impressions were overall quite good. You'll see ^^

  4. Seattle looks more interesting than I thought :P My mom suggested this as a vacation idea a couple of years ago but changed to SF instead. The Crab Pot sounds really fun! I wonder if there are any places like that in NYC..Can't wait to hear about Vancounver. ^__^

  5. It looks like you had a lovely time in Seattle!

    Btw, I tend to lurk, I'll make sure to comment more. Please don't think your blog is disinteresting. In the end, this blog is your blog and you put what you want on it!! <3

  6. mandy: As far as I know, I've never come across anything like The Crab Pot in the city although I'm sure there's something similar... it's New York City afterall ;)

    MeiBelle: Thanks for taking the time to comment :D I read your blog too but I don't comment all the time either. I know I'll stay true to blogging about what I want but getting some feedback is always helpful :) Thanks for supporting me!

  7. Hello. :) Seattle seems to be an interesting place to visit. ^-^

    Don't worry about page views. :/ Just continue what you're doing and I'm sure you'll get more comments and followers soon. ;)

  8. I have yet to visit Seattle one of these days. You went to so many places on your trip...So lucky! Don't worry about the page views. I personally enjoy checking out your posts. From what I noticed, I get more views on popular products, especially the ones that just hit the market because people want to see swatches and reviews before they buy.

  9. sugar sugar: Thanks for the words of encouragement :)

    Pang: I've never been to the West Coast so I guess I got a good preview of a bunch of places XD Thanks for the tip! I notice I usually get more page views and comments when I post a haul lolol.


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