Try Before You Buy!

When it comes to base makeup I am a creature of habit. Just hand me a decent concealer, tinted moisturizer or foundation, and powder and I'm good to go. Well, I recently decided I need to do some more exploring on the foundation front because having a flawless canvas sets the stage for beautiful eyes, lips, and cheeks.

I still have a few base makeup products to finish up so I could not justify purchasing another. If there's one type of makeup product I do not hoard, it would be foundation because it simply goes bad after awhile. I heard a lot of raves about Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer but at $42 a pop I wasn't too keen on purchasing right away. This is where the sampling comes in! I dropped by Sephora and swatched a few of the shades on my hands and settled on Bisque and Sand. I politely asked the sales associate if I could get samples of both shades and she promptly squeezed generous amounts of each into tiny tubs. This was the first time I have ever asked for a sample at Sephora and to be honest I kept thinking she would give me an attitude or be all fussy about it but it went fine! If I end up liking this product a lot I will purchase it from Sephora and I do spend money there so I don't feel bad for sampling at all. Also, I know a lot of people purchase products from Sephora and return them if they don't like the products. I find it a bit wasteful when people do not do their research and they simply fall back on Sephora's lenient return policy because returned items are all tossed into the trash even if they were not opened or used. Thus, I find sampling much more responsible and eco-friendly in case I do not like the product.

So now I have a new tinted moisturizer to try out and I didn't have to break my self imposed ban. I know I did not "officially" announce that I was going on what I like to call a "makeup diet". It wasn't meant to be a ban in the first place but I've found that I'm becoming better at resisting makeup purchases. Just because I'm proud of myself I would like to say that I have not made a beauty related purchase since June 5th which was when I went to the CCO and Walmart (see my tiny haul HERE). I'm pretty confident that I can last til at least the two month point!

Wow, this post turned out to be a lot more wordy than I intended. So tell me what you guys think! Do you ever ask for samples of products before purchasing? When was the last time you purchased a beauty product?


  1. The one time I asked for a sample in a Sephora, I did get an attitude! However I think cause it was around the holiday season the workers were extra cranky. Let us know how the tinted moisturizer works for you!

  2. Congrats :P I was weary of the same problems when I first ventured into sephora but we're the customers! Not too many of them give attitudes but of course there are always some who seem less happy to do so. I always feel bad for returning products especially after hearing that they just throw it all away..but there are some products that they just don't give samples for :\
    Hope the tinted moisturizer works for you!

  3. I'm trying to go on a make-up diet as well, but it's proving difficult! Good to know that they give samples at Sephora as well, I've never asked but it's a great idea if you're looking for a base. x

  4. MeiBelle: Even if it's busy they should try to put a smile on and serve people who politely ask for services; it's their job afterall! I will let you guys know what I think about the tinted moisturizer soon :)

    mandy: True, you can't really sample somethings but you can usually swatch them in store :)

    Rocaille: I believe department store counters will also gladly let you sample bases because it can be difficult to find the right color and some foundations can break us out >.<

  5. I definitely think it depends on your store and who helps you. But of course the other day I walked into sephora and asked for a perfume sample, the girl who helped me was amazing and was very willing to give me a sample. Though it wasn't a generous sample, who can complain! :)

  6. It always makes your shopping experience much more pleasant when the SA is sweet and friendly :) I wish more SAs were like that!


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