Current Favorite Lip Combos!

Normally I am one to skip lip products altogether when I'm doing my makeup in the morning. It's always the last step of my makeup routine and more often than not, I simply forget to put on a lipstick and gloss. But lo' and behold, I found some lip combinations that match with everything and are pretty much foolproof!

These are the swatches of the lipglosses and lipsticks in the same order as above. While there are subtle differences between the shades, I use the lipstick and lipgloss combinations in no particular order and I still end up with a similar shade on my lips. The Revlon lipstick is a lot creamier and moist compared to the Wet n' Wild lipstick which is matte and more pigmented. I think peachy lip and cheek colors suit my skintone much better than pinks do (but that still doesn't stop me from purchasing pink shades....) and I think most people will agree with that. I think these are all relatively inexpensive (the Sephora lipgloss is only $3 for a larger tube!) and easily available products that everyone can get their hands on.

In the above photo I am wearing Wet n' Wild lippie in Just Peachy topped off with Revlon's Peony lipgloss. I applied the lipstick straight from the tube and spread the color evenly with a lipbrush and applied the lipgloss with the same brush. I have found that using a small, detailer brush (I use the eyeliner brush from the Physician's Formula gel eyeliner trios) really makes a difference when applying lipcolor. Apologies for not having pictures of each lipstick and lipgloss combination but I assure you that all four combinations look pretty much the same :)

I'm really getting more into lip products and have a bunch of my wishlist! I can't decide what to get first! What are your favorite lip products at the moment? I'd love if you recommended me some products that you guys have tested and loved :D


  1. love the lip color kinda remind me of a discontinue mac lipstick call long steam rose

  2. Your lips are such a lovely shape! I love this color on you, but I think I'm too pale to pull this off... Also, I don't think I've ever told you that I really like your photos, they're just lovely :)

  3. very pretty color combo~~!!
    im actually looking for something pinky for my lips too~! im quite interested in the wet and wild lippie and the revlon gloss~!
    is the wet and wild lippie drying??

  4. wuguimei: Happy you love it too :D

    smilecusiluvu: I just googled that lippie and it does look somewhat similar! Too bad they discontinued the slim shines :(

    Rocaille: Ah, you're too kind :) I think pale lips look really pretty on paler skin types if there's a shimmery gloss over top. I get pretty pale during the winter and I love wearing nude lips all year round :) I spend a good amount of time taking and editing my pictures but it's all worth it:D Thanks so much!

    MEOW: The Wet n' Wild lippie is a peachy pink which I think is more flattering than a straight up pink. It is a bit drying though as I stated in my review of it in a previous post. I make sure to moisturize my lips well prior to applying it. I apply one or two swipes across my lips and then touch up the corners with a lip brush as over applying can accentuate dry flakes and whatnot. I'd say a gloss is a definite MUST for that lipstick formula! :)

  5. Your lips look AMAZING!!!!! I love this combo!

  6. that looks great on your lips! i've been seing those wet n wild lip i should get some since they're cheap! do they stink? i mean do they have that "cheap" lipstick smell?

  7. Just Peachy is gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to add that one to my wishlist! I'm a sucker for peachy pink lips. They definitely go with everything. :)

  8. Your lips are perfect! I love the WnW and Revlon lip combo, very neutral but still present. ^^

  9. Rainy Days: Thanks!

    miemiemie: They don't have any noticeable scent that I can detect so I don't think that should be a concern :)

    Wendy: I think it's a good option for people on a budget but if you can afford a higher end, better quality peachy pink lippie, I'd say this is safe to skip! It's not the best formula to be honest even though the color is pretty.

    MeiBelle: Thankyou :D I like how this makes my lips look less red and more of a pale pink!


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